Saturday, April 4, 2009

one is not enough,two is not enough...when will it be enough?

Last Friday was historic for Malaysia when Datuk Seri Najib take the oath as the sixth not a big fan of Najib so there's not much to say here...the thing is, i'm quite disgusted by the way the BA tries to carry on this stupid crossover thing....the Friday night after Najib was appointed the sixth PM,DSAI hyped about a special announcement to be made during PKR campaign that night and guess what its all about? yes....the same old stories,"BN party members joined PKR".....ok so what to be hyped about some people with no strong faith and own opinion to crossover into your party? As a commander you should know, if that person is able to betray his old leader,he will betray u too...its almost a year passed since the big win by BA and big lose by BN...and this coming 3 elections are for god sake are just by election...this power struggle are getting more ridiculous day by started with the 16th Sept 08..then go on...and on...and the Perak drama....and on and on...and the Elizabeth Wong stories....and on and on.....and about the Elizabeth Wong stories....honestly on my opinion,she should accept and face the problem,not by running away,do it like Chua Soi Lek did...there's no reason for you to run away...what u did is what u matter what religion u are,adultery is matter u are married or not...this is no different case with Chua Soi Lek...either u are a Buddhist,Christian,Muslim,Hindus..i believe all religion are against adultery...and there are no place for atheist in u have no exception...
It's been too long for this stupid power struggle to last...why don't they all just work together to face this economic letdown instead of buying or pulling members of opposite party to their own...
p/s: BA is being more like BN nowadays is it not?

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