Friday, March 27, 2009

when your concern doesn't concerns me

it's true when they say language shows what is u talk,is how u project ur attitude towards other people...and i think its true to the extend that the language u use shows who u are...for instance,malay speaks malay...chinese speaks chinese,indian speaks indian...indonesian speaks indonesian...oh wait..why no malaysian? because they are no Malaysia...only chinese,indian and malay...i respect Tun Dr M's idea of having a Malaysian only....but well,all the races in Malaysia seems not in the same boat with him....when education is still separated, language is still a barrier there'll be slim chances of having a united one race only not trying to be a racist here,but with all the non malays asking to have the same rights as the malay,i think that will be done only when we has the same chances of working in a computer shop where the ads doesn't say chinese are preferred or the ads are in mandarin all the way...
anyway,the topic of the day,or may i say what pisses me off how the race thingy still a thick thing among us...just about an hour or two just now,my class had this voting for whether my batch are going to extend the holiday for this year's hari Raya or not...well,for a clearer picture,both my class reps are chinese...nvm that,i don't mind having a black,white,orange,green,yellow or anything to be at the helm as long as they do their work and care for the people under them..anyway,my class reps went to the Dean and ask him for the extension and the dean gave us 3 options,or so they said...

1) 1 week extension(its 4 days only actually)
2) 2 days extension
3) no extension

well..before we could cast our votes,the female class rep reads out all the advantages and disadvantages of our extension...and being a neutral,or so she said,she happily announce all the things which may be the consequences of our extension...if we take the 4 days extension, we are required to have classes on Saturday,our study break for unis will be cut down,our end of second year vacation will be cutdown and the Saturday class may last for a month or two......and for the 2 days extension,we might need Saturday class for 2 weeks....OK.......

do the math..easy math first...
2 days extension=Saturday class for 2 weeks
4 days extension=cut down study break for unis,cut down end of second year vacation,Saturday
class till a month or two....

is it coherent???
and i thought 2x2=4......not 4 weeks Saturday class?

ok,maybe a month or two Saturday classes to make up for the PBL,SDL and lab times...but cut down our holiday and the study break? i think its full of B***S***......
u see,3rd block is 10 weeks....4th block is 6 weeks...its 16 weeks...its 4 month...its 16 we need more then 16 days to cover back the 4 days we missed????????

hmm...anyway,the result is 29 for 1 week,53 for 2 days and 48 for no extension...130 students voted..138 students total for my batch...

77 malays
61 non malays

82 vote for holiday
48 for no holiday
8 dont vote including the class reps who are supposedly neutral

maybe there are people out there who cares and vote for our cause...but the way the reps and some of them react towards the cause irks me....

i think the results speaks for itself isn't it....if its not my holiday,why should i care?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

there and back again....

seems like its just yesterday i arrived at the KLIA and today im going back to KLIA to depart to time flies when we have fun...even though my times in Malaysia are filled with late nite movies on laptop,waking up late in the evening and munching on lot of food, it is stil very much enjoyable..heh...studying some place far for home make me realise how sweet my home really is :) (sorry if it sounds cheesey) anyway,thank god this time i can come back to Manipal knowing i won't be facing a cadaver anymore..yay! haha..not that im afraid of the cadaver or anything..its just plain that im not good at anatomy and i don't know why...its just like my brain are not made for the subject...pure textbook eating if i may call it...the other subjects were not that tough..they were but,relatively..anyway,around Saturday morning or afternoon i will be arriving back at Manipal... :( one year and a half to go before i can leave India for good..heh..not that i hate India..but i just don't like India...haha! till then....Goodbye Malaysia...see you on August,that if i am coming back..eheh...will miss you...and,hello second year in Manipal..huhu ^.^

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


What is Fair Usage layman would understand it is something that cause the internet speed to be throttled or capped..and why is that?

this is taken from the streamyx website...

TM is committed to ensuring our customers receive the best broadband service at the most competitive price. To achieve this goal, we provide a contended broadband service. This means our Internet bandwidth (capacity) is catered to be shared by all our customers at any one point in time, to ensure we provide a satisfactory and acceptable performance on an equal basis to all our customers.

However, a small number of customers use more than their "fair share" of the Internet bandwidth provided by us. On average, about 10% of our customers are using a disproportionate amount of Internet bandwidth. These customers degrade the performance of our broadband service by taking bandwidth away from other customers, who use the service fairly.

For example, some customers use P2P or file sharing software, which constantly sends and receives videos and other types of very large files, throughout the day. These activities (download and upload continuously) use a lot of bandwidth and can significantly reduce the connection speed, which other customers are getting to access the Internet during peak hours. We don’t believe this is fair to the vast majority of our customers.

We wish to bring to your attention our traffic prioritization policy with regards to P2P and Fair Usage Policy. We would like to reiterate that the P2P throughput is subject to peers (seed) availability and their throughput as well. Kindly note that TM does not have any control over peers’ availability or throughput.

The Fair Usage Policy automatically identifies the extremely heavy users and manages their bandwidth in order to protect the service of all our other customers. This traffic prioritization policy will protect the quality of service for the majority of our customers when they use the service, while at the same time, still allowing the extremely heavy users to continue to send and receive files with certain restrictions. With this policy in place, we will prioritize Internet activities like web browsing, live streaming, messaging applications and VOIP access while traffic to P2P sites will be given lower priority, due to the high bandwidth consumption of such services.

We wish to also highlight that as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), TM only provides access to the Internet and does not guarantee content delivery and performance where it is not within the domain of TM as an ISP. In fact, our international traffic management policy is designed to cater for all our customers so they have an optimal surfing experience within the normal limits of Internet usage.

As our priority is for all our customers to have a positive Internet experience, we wish to emphasize that it is important for all our customers to practice responsible usage of the allocated bandwidth based on normal usage.

We would like to reiterate that we are not against the use of P2P but we would like to educate our customers that the usage of excessive P2P does impact the overall service availability to our other customers.

TM does provide every customer with an allocated bandwidth, where other customers may use when not used by the others. Unfortunately, the nature of P2P more often than not, takes more than their allocated bandwidth, thus causing undue setbacks for other users when they want to use the service.

As a responsible service provider, we believe it is our responsibility and commitment to educate and encourage responsible usage of the infrastructure we provide.

Read it? well,thats Tmnut fair usage policy..see the bolded word...acceptable performance and yet they didn't state what is the speed of the performance that is acceptable...and to whom it is acceptable? to them or to us? if it is to us, not enough data is provided for the customer to judge whether it is acceptable or is the whole thing acceptable???

The policy allows Tm to identify heavy users and MANAGES their bandwidth..ok,what does manages really means here? how would they manage our bandwidth? capped our speed to 512 or 256 or 56k??? even if we paid for 1mbps UNLIMITED subscription? is it fair?

and Tm says those heavy internet users are still allowed under certain restrictions...what is those restrictions? why don't they state the restrictions? based on my experience,there are no certain is a COMPLETE restrictions...proved by the speed of my torrent application where under 1mbps connection im supposed to get a 100kbps++ speed but while using TM im able to get as fast as isn't it?

practice responsible usage of bandwidth....when we applied for streamyx,we applied for 1mbps bandwidth connection right? and which part is irresponsible when we are trying to maximise our usage of the bandwidth that we has paid for? and who is really should be responsible here? Tm should be responsible by providing us the bandwidth we applied for which is 1mbps WITHOUT any restriction...the package states UNLIMITED why now they limit????? or is it that all this while Tm doesn't provide us the bandwidth we paid for? we share the bandwidth we other people who also paid the same amount for 1mbps bandwidth? are Tm robbing us in broad daylight??

"we are not against the use of P2P but we would like to educate our customers that the usage of excessive P2P does impact the overall service availability to our other customers"- how do you educate? by blocking p2p access to the net? in that way,u are blocking the freedom of users..and this means the unlimited plan u provide are limited actually and u r cheating the customers...

"TM does provide every customer with an allocated bandwidth, where other customers may use when not used by the others"- if they does provide us with an allocated bandwidth,meaning every customers have their own bandwidth to how come another user using p2p might 'steal' another user's bandwidth when he has his own allocated bandwidth? and our allocated bandwidth is when my torrent speed is 100kbps how it is stealing from my neighbours bandwidth when im safely downloading withing the 1mbps rate...and when my bandwidth is not used,other customer may use Tm being generous by giving consumer more bandwidth for free.....or,the allocated bandwidth is not what we applied for and they need to take from other consumer's bandwidth when they are not using for us to achieve our supposedly 1mbps bandwidth?

"As a responsible service provider, we believe it is our responsibility and commitment to educate and encourage responsible usage of the infrastructure we provide."-as a responsible servce provider,it is ur responsiblity to provide service that ur consumers paid for and not give excuse when u cannot give the amount of service a responsible provider,u cannot cheat on ur customer by not giving them the bandwidth they applied consumer,we will use the service as how we applied for it the first time which is 1mbps and unlimited so we expect 1mbps bandwidth with no limitation when we without fail pay u every month the amount of money u required...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

tol naik?

lately this has been the hot issue of the week..government is considering to increase the toll for 5 major highway in order to follow the contract they made with the highway concession...(though finally they decided to postpone the increase to an unknown date and announced that for the time being they are using they tax payers money to pay) there any difference if we pay the concession by toll increment or via tax payers money which is our money too? that's not the problem here..the problem here is,what is the concession between the G and the highways contractors that almost every one or two year,we need to pay more for the toll which they said the money is used for maintenance....seriously,to me,if the, money were REALLY to be used for maintenance,then its nothing wrong for me..we are using the facility,so we need to pay for it right? well...this not seems to be the case here..

last night after i went back from sending my sis to LCCT,it rains heavily...i drove through the downpour via the KESAS highway...right before i reach the RM2.20 toll,there was a roadblock..i thought it was the police...but nope,the roadblock was due to flood...yes flood! in the middle of the highway right before the toll ironic isn't it? right after the flood,we were to pay rm2.20 each car for the maintenance of the much for maintenance...i admit the downpour was heavy last night but,just FYI during a raining season in Manipal, rain would pour down non stop for about a week or two and yet, there were no flood to be seen...yes,the rain goes on and on for straight 1-2 weeks...last night,the rain was about an hour or two before it started to flood in the middle of the highway...yes,an hour or two..not a week or two..see the difference? eventhough Manipal doesn't have fancy highway with even fancier toll outpost to acompany it, they has better drainage facilities that prevent flood even during the raining season and they has no toll to acompany the road.......

so much for our highway concensus and the G.......