Sunday, March 1, 2009

tol naik?

lately this has been the hot issue of the week..government is considering to increase the toll for 5 major highway in order to follow the contract they made with the highway concession...(though finally they decided to postpone the increase to an unknown date and announced that for the time being they are using they tax payers money to pay) there any difference if we pay the concession by toll increment or via tax payers money which is our money too? that's not the problem here..the problem here is,what is the concession between the G and the highways contractors that almost every one or two year,we need to pay more for the toll which they said the money is used for maintenance....seriously,to me,if the, money were REALLY to be used for maintenance,then its nothing wrong for me..we are using the facility,so we need to pay for it right? well...this not seems to be the case here..

last night after i went back from sending my sis to LCCT,it rains heavily...i drove through the downpour via the KESAS highway...right before i reach the RM2.20 toll,there was a roadblock..i thought it was the police...but nope,the roadblock was due to flood...yes flood! in the middle of the highway right before the toll ironic isn't it? right after the flood,we were to pay rm2.20 each car for the maintenance of the much for maintenance...i admit the downpour was heavy last night but,just FYI during a raining season in Manipal, rain would pour down non stop for about a week or two and yet, there were no flood to be seen...yes,the rain goes on and on for straight 1-2 weeks...last night,the rain was about an hour or two before it started to flood in the middle of the highway...yes,an hour or two..not a week or two..see the difference? eventhough Manipal doesn't have fancy highway with even fancier toll outpost to acompany it, they has better drainage facilities that prevent flood even during the raining season and they has no toll to acompany the road.......

so much for our highway concensus and the G.......

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