Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Its been awhile now since i post anything in this blog...since im too 'busy' with real life and all...hehe
2010 is coming soon...leaving 2009 and the memories behind...this coming Saturday im having my 4th block exam...yeah,new year celebration in the exam hall....and a month after i'll be facing my university exam...it still feels like yesterday when i sat for my 1st year university exam....how time flies...but its different this time...my 2nd year sucks like shit...with my internals are all fucked up,i wonder how im going to pass this coming exam..hell no i dont want to repeat...i don't want to stay anymore in this place...but then im still blogging instead of reading through my notes...haha
so much to read,so little time and motivation....nowadays i always find myself idling in front of the laptop with nothing to do...will have to change though for this coming exam or i'll be shitting myself during the exam...
with this coming new year,i hope i'll pass my exams,got through into 3rd year, finish up my time here and go back to Malaysia for good...
Sometimes i wonder, how will i be doing later in life....what kind of a doctor i would be...no thanks i won't take such quiz in facebook to see whether im going to end up as a surgeon with hands of god or be in prison because i killed the prime minister mistress in a surgery...
Somehow i always feels like this examination system,how fair does it judge the students...some lucky bastard would be lucky enough that the part he read came out for the exam..some really hardworking students would fail his paper because he is sick or because he forget one organism while remembers all the other hundreds...i see a lot of my friends,some of which are really really REALLY hardworking that i thought it is unfair for them to fail...but then again,who am i to judge whats fair and whats not....thats just my humble opinion...examination system doesnt always produce the best student...it may also discard the best student themselves.....its quite tragic though,to see such hardworking students,failed their exam,and have to repeat the academic year...yes they say God works in a mysterious way....i couldnt help myself to question his decision sometimes...for example,in Islam it is said that non believers will be condemn forever in hell....what about those borned as non muslim...how would this be just for them? its not easy to embrace another religion when u'r borned with a different one...is it fated that some people has an easier path while others must face through hardships till the afterlife? maybe my logic and understandings doesnt apply to the logic of God....but then i cant help but to question again and again...
enough with my rambling thoughts,i think i should go now...im hungry and my food that i ordered an hour ago still hasnt arrive....thats why i hate this place....urgh....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I never intended to make this blog as my public diary for anyone to see but seems this one is a bit complicated and the chances of people that would be reading this blog is like....very low..so i guess i have no where to spill it besides here.....usually i wud have my friends to tell anything about,or specifically a friend...anything that bothers me or anything that amuses me....but somehow this time, i found something that i havent encountered for a very long time....its annoying but then its amusing...haha...and whats more annoying is i cant tell my friend about this..and why i cant tell my friend about this wonderful thing is because i know for sure,that the moment i told my friend,nothing would be the same...yes,it cud be better but yet,it cud be worse....and that friend of mine, means so much to me that i cant risk it....and i have to keep it to myself,which is something im not very good at although i know those who can keep his own secret,have full control over himself....and dats why this is so complicated.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

suicide bomber

Do you know what i hate most...people who believes in a thing,devote their life for the cause of their belief, try to persuade others to believe in the same thing that he believes in but then never truly understand the basics of their beliefs,never try to put out example of his beliefs and whats worse, have the most irritating attitude that makes other people doubt about his beliefs...
these people always complicate simple things, try to make themselves look complicated,mature and full of knowledge but in truth they are full of crap...

Thursday, September 17, 2009


92 stateless citizen get their gift during Malaysia day....
one thing crosses my mind....what if one day we are at war...where will those 92 people be? ok,i dont think its fair to say this to them...lets just imagine,where will we be? what will we be doing?
as Malaysian we've took the oath to be loyal to the King and country...how loyal will we be when the time comes when we are required to fulfill our oath...God may not ask us what country you hail from or how did you repay your country when you are in the grave but God did ask us to be loyal to our country and protect it from foreign and domestic enemies...
will we be brave enough to bear arm when the time requires us to do so...
will u bleed for Malaysia?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

happy birthday

happy 52nd birthday malaysia...besides hoping for a better lifestyle for all the people,i also hoped that this coming year will show maturity in mentality of malaysians, especially the politicians...we might not be the best nation in ASEAN,might not be the worst too,but a better job can be done..
may this flag of our fathers fly high for all times

Sunday, August 23, 2009


This is the second day of my holiday in Malaysia and i find myself wide awake after sahur.....usually i'll just crawl back to my bed,wrap myself in my comforter and wake up 10 hours later...but it seems now im more...active..haha...maybe due to the fact that i slept a lot the day before yesterday or,ive grown up...wow~ hahaha...
this holiday seems a little bit......how can i put it,bored maybe...because i have no car,and some of my friends are not in Malaysia...those here are a little lazy to go out due to ...haih....just my luck having holidays during this time...
besides being bored, i think im getting into a state of depression..haha...a lot of complication occurs in my usually bored life lately....that makes it a little less bored and more spices in it but yet,more spices doesnt mean good...ive just lost a relationship that i hold really dear to.....i ended the relationship but yet im the one feeling sad about it...funny huh? why end it if ur going to feel sad after that? well.....what if continuing the relationship also makes me sad? which sadness should i choose? its easy to decide when u have clear options given..but in my case...either way,i'll be depressed...but at least right now my depression will be my own trouble alone,not to share or burden anyone....its quite sad really...i feel like ive lost something that ive grown attached to....it may sound like movie script or corny but yes,the relationship do feel like a part of my life...maybe because the duration of it and ive never been in a lot of relationship....ive known her since im 14....now im 21.....ive known her for 7 years....and was in love with her for the 5-6 years in it....so u can guess how the relationship has grown as a part of me...but yet i decided to end it...not for good but at least for now....because for few reasons i do not wish to share....no doubt its unfair for her for me to end it,but yet,i think thats the only way...i dont know...maybe it was a wrong decision...but then,i remembered a saying,"there's no right or wrong decision,there's only how we handle the decision after we made it"....i hope its true and i hope i'll handle it well...at least better than i used to handle it 4 years ago....

ok...i dont know what to blabber about anymore...im too bored,i cant sleep,i cant eat and i cannot go out and its holiday...aih~ hopefully my friends will have plans to go out or anything for the next few days...or i think my holidays in Malaysia will be wasted on internet,sleep,psp,xbox and more sleep...aih..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


last week there's the anti-ISA rally in the midst of H1N1 outbreak in Malaysia...and there's no shock when police arrested several underaged during the protest...and there's also no shock that the BA will use the same ol' tactic about FRU being barbaric and unprofessional by beating up the protester and such....and they will start blaming the judiciary body for detaining those underaged protesters...
my question is,do they really know what is ISA...does those 13 or 16 yr old kid know what is ISA....ok...maybe ISA is a little bit too high for them....did they ever even once,read the Federal Constitution...did they ever see the book??
i don't think they would as my friend of 21 yrs old doing medicine with me who are a strong supporter or may i say an extremist of DSAI never knew the content of the consti....and yet he strongly supported every moves DSAI made...funny huh? how can you fight something you never knew in the first place? all his facts are based on hear say or at least he reads it through the speeches of DSAI...no doubt DSAI is a good speaker...to be able to conjure thousands of protester whom doesnt have the knowledge of the consti to shout about human rights...
funny thing is,they know one thing in the consti...human right...the right to assemble....maybe because that is the most famous part of the consti used again and again by the BA to make what they've been doing is actually their right....and this,really points out the shallowness of their extreme supporters(reminder: im not a BA nor a BN supporter..i just hate extremists).....they shout about their rights,claiming their rights and so on and on....but just let me put a little part of the consti here...

Article number: 10
(1)Subject to Clauses (2), (3) and (4) -
(a) every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression;
(b) all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms;
(c) all citizens have the right to form associations.
(2) Parliament may by law impose -
(a) on the rights conferred by paragraph (a) of Clause (1),such restrictions as it deems
necessary or expedient in the interest of the security of the Federation or any part thereof,
friendly relations with other countries, public order or morality and restrictions designed
to protect the privileges of Parliament or of any Legislative Assembly or to provide
against contempt of court, defamation, or incitement to any offence;
(b) on the right conferred by paragraph (b) of Clause (1), such restrictions as it deems
necessary or expedient in the interest of the security of the Federation or any part thereof,
or public order;
(c) on the right conferred by paragraph (c) of Clause (1), such restrictions as it deems
necessary or expedient in the interest of the security of the Federation or any part thereof,
public order or morality.

by doing a public demonstration in the midst of KL near Sogo,they clearly violated public order and this clearly against the consti.....which part of it they didnt understand? or they didnt read it...or yeah,DSAI never told them about article 10.2.....he just talk about article 10.1.....
what irks me the most is that those extremist are so damn proud of their stupidness that they cant even think what they are doing are hurting their beloved country...how much Sogo losts during the day? how about nearby restaurant or shops...how about other people who have other things to do on that day on that particular place...all things are disrupted just because this so called 'peace rally'....its no peace when you disrupt the peace of other people...
furthermore,the rally was done in the midst of H1N1......didnt DSAI know that the disease is HIGHLY contagious.....and can be FATAL....and a rally where thousand of people gather could easily helps the spread of the disease?
i understand when he did rallies before,during his ban in the politic arena...but now,he is an MP...he has power in the hall....he can voice out his opinion in the hall...he can debate his issues....he has the support of PAS and DAP...why the need of another rally? or is it he craved sooo much attention that attention from the hall itself is not enough?
and for those extremist out there,think before you act...you might think you knew everything already....you might think you've figured out all the conspiracies...you might think DSAI is a hero that would bring prosperity to the land...but think again....you might be wrong...MIGHT be wrong...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

justifying war..

Whenever we took picture,people will always say 'peace'....we want peace..no doubt...there's no one in the world where they preferred war above peace...everybody wants to go to the market without having to think of possibilities of being bombed by suicide bombers or being in a place for hijacked plane to crash or being at a place targeted by a cruise missile or by biological weapon...we want peace...everybody want peace....and yet,we've seen numerous wars on earth...may it be civil war,cold war or world war....why war?

survival of the fittest...does it fits human or is it just the rule of the jungle?
human act as we are due to the presence of what they say a more evolved brain...the frontal lobe of human brain are said to be more developed than any other species on earth...which contributes to our capability of being diplomatic....but still, war continues...

what if i say, war is essential in the continuity of the homo sapiens species....we need war to continue to exist...yes its true war eradicates life....so how can i say it is essential in the continuity of the human race?

this whole writing are just a piece of my mind...nothing related to a real statements elsewhere so need not to be taken heavily...
we all know the infamous e=mc^2 by Albert Eintein....and we all the know the basic rule of energy..the conservation of energy which states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed..it can only be change to another form...and from that we can conclude that the amount of energy required to first create this world is equal to the sum of energy we have now..we humans,are energy itself in a different form...we are energy in chemical form...let say with the amount of healthcare advances we have today, the human population will surely reach more than 6707 million(which is the current world population).....the amount of energy is not infinite,its limited...with increase amount of human,there will be lessenergy for everyone...because the intial sum will be divided to every each human....with more and more human emerging due to increase birth rate and health care services, human with less and less energy are formed...or may i say smaller and smaller humans are formed...we always read about legends or history of great warrior or prophets..about how big or tall or strong they are....it may be due to during their time of reign, there are less human population and therefore less division of energy...and by luck or fate,that person acquire a vast amount of energy for himself and thus come the great warrior of that time...just my theory..haha..anyway,i think thats why,God created war...everything in this world,has its purpose....including war...there's no bad or good thing...everything is for a reason...and nothing exists if doesnt serve any purpose...war is to balance the energy..to convert human body to another form so another human may continue to exist...as the saying goes,for an empire to rise,another must fall...but the problem is to justify a war....which person to eliminate,which empire,which race,which civilisation....and i guess the holy quran already point out a race chosen to be eradicated...why that race is chosen? when we looked back into history,several incidence has occured upon that race..may it be nature wise or human wise...nature itself has tried to eliminate that particular race...man himself also tried to eliminate that particular race but to no avail...why? maybe because that race is fated to survive till the end of time...the race is there to keep the balance of nature and the balance of human population...

if e=mc^2....then e/c^2=m......can we create mass from energy? can we creat something from 'nothing'? can we play god?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


this wud be the first post which is posted due to my emo-ness...haha....i dunno,sumhow i felt after this 21 years of living,there are some decisions which im truely regret taking it....they say never regret for what u've done cuz that whats making u today...dats quite true but somehow somewhere there's a little voice in me saying that i dont like this...there's no right or wrong decision...its only about how we live it...but what if i dont like living my decision? i just cant quit...and i just cant go on living a lie am i? am trying to let it flow...but i dont like following the flow because its my life, im not going to let my life flow....but going against the flow is something im not up to do...haih~

It still feels like our first night together
Feels like the first kiss and
It's gettin' better baby
No one can better this
I'm still holding on and you're still the one
The first time our eyes met it's the same feelin' I get
Only feels much stronger and I wanna love you longer
You still turn the fire on

So If you're feelin' lonely.. don't
You're the only one I'd ever want
I only wanna make it good
So if I love you a little more than I should

Please forgive me I know not what I do
Please forgive me I can't stop lovin' you
Don't deny me
This pain I'm going through
Please forgive me
If I need you like I do
Please believe me
Every word I say is true
Please forgive me I can't stop loving you

Still feels like our best times are together
Feels like the first touch
We're still gettin' closer baby
Can't get close enough I'm still holdin' on
You're still number one I remember the smell of your skin
I remember everything
I remember all your moves
I remember you
I remember the nights you know I still do

One thing I'm sure of
Is the way we make love
And the one thing I depend on
Is for us to stay strong
With every word and every breath I'm prayin'
That's why I'm sayin'...

by Bryan Adams...i love this song.....

Friday, June 19, 2009

people and politics..

New things each day...thats how life is...every day i see something new,learn something new, know something i never imagined before...anyway,as usual, my topic of the day is politic...hahaha..how people and politic are inseparable.....what is politic? i can sum it up in a simple situation...a kid brought an extra sandwich to class...he gave it to one of his classmate of which he wanted to borrow his class notes....thats how simple politic is...its abt building relation with people...but knowing the evil nature in human, they manipulate politic to be something lower than filth itself..some people do politic for money, some for power, some for their own personal objectives..it could be anything,from good to bad...sometimes it can be seen as using people to get what you wanted...and some people are very good at it,they can make the people they use unaware that they are being used....
lets take a look at a smaller scope,my college....haha..politics are everywhere,even on college level...being on good terms with the lecturers might gives u the edge if you ever listed for the viva...or if you skip class, you can still get the attendance by giving some reasons as long as you are in good terms with the lecturer...some of my collegemate use their knowledge to be their political edge..knowledge in religion,in technology..anything will do to gain support of people, or to put up their name so that people will see that their exist...and it irks me when this kind of people(status craze people) when they start abusing their knowledge to gain a higher status in the society....well,everything must start somewhere,and at last these people,my collegemates whom will grow up and be the one leading the country,brought along these kind of politic into the country political scene....
and the result? is like what we've seen now...power craze here and there....using all kind of tricks,personality assasination....yes,im really against personality assasination...for example,you are fighting against another candidate for another party...you try to win the crowd not by winning their hearts, but by 'killing' the other candidate so that you will be the only candidate...how to kill? they look up your personal history,from the day you are born till the day you've become their enemy....every single thing will be put up, even how long it takes for you to stop urinating on bed...anything will do to put you down,and it will always succeed...why? because no human is perfect..

thats enough about politic,what im interested to say today is about tahajjud....LITERALLY means to struggle rid oneself from sleep...just now,there was a small misunderstanding between my batchmates about the way it is done...though RARELY did it...hehe...but this is the result of my research and i found out,mostly in Quranic verses, they act is done after one sleeps,though it is not wrong to do it without sleeping..so in the end it still depends on our purpose(niat) right?

Allah Most High said, “Establish worship at the going down of the sun until the dark of the night, and (the recital of) the Qur’an at dawn. Lo! (the recital of) the Qur’an at dawn is ever witnessed. And some part of the night awake for its recital, as voluntary worship for you. It may be that your Lord will raise you to a praised estate.” [Qur’an, 17: 78-79]

From this it can be seen that some part of night we are required to be awake,meaning that we sleep before that and some part means later in the night...

‘They forsake their beds to cry unto their Lord in fear and hope, and spend of what We have bestowed on them. No soul knows what is kept hid from them of joy, as a reward for what they used to do.’ [Qur’an, 32: 16-17]

from this it can be seen that,they forsake their bed,meaning they give up their bed or they wake up to do something....

and this is from ijma' ulama'...

1. The minimal night vigil prayer is 2 rakats. [Hindiyya, quoting Fath al-Qadir]

2. Its optimal recommended amount is 8 rakats, because this was the general practice of the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace be upon him, his family, and companions). [Hindiyya, quoting Fath al-Qadir]

3. Lengthier recitation is superior to a larger number of rakats prayed. [Durr al-Mukhtar, Radd al-Muhtar]

4. If one divides the night in thirds, then the final middle third is most virtuous. [Durr al-Mukhtar]

5. If one divides the night in half, then the second half is more virtuous. [ibid.]

6. Voluntary (nafl) prayer at night is more virtuous than voluntary prayer during the day. However, the full reward mentioned in the Qur’anic verses and Prophetic hadiths refers to worship that was preceded by sleep. This is also understood from the very linguistic meaning of tahajjud, which is to struggle rid oneself of sleep. [Ibn Abidin, Radd al-Muhtar, quoting Ibn Amir Haajj’s Halba]

7. Ibn Nujaym and Haskafi both affirmed that night prayer is recommended. [al-Bahr al-Ra’iq, and al-Durr al-Mukhtar; chosen in al-Fatawa al-Hindiyya] Kamal ibn al-Humam, the brilliant mujtahid who was the greatest Hanafi faqih of the latter half of Islamic history, however, wavered between it being recommended or a confirmed sunna. This is because while the spoken hadiths indicate recommendation, the continued practice of the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) would seem to indicate it being a confirmed sunna. This was also chosen by Ibn al-Humam’s student, Ibn Amir Haaj in his Halba. [Ibn Abidin, Radd al-Muhtar]

8. It is disliked to leave the night vigil prayer for one who has made it their habit, unless there is an excuse, because the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) said to Ibn Umar (Allah be pleased with him), “O Abd Allah! Do not be like so-and-so. He used to pray at night and then left it.” [Bukhari and Muslim] Therefore, one should take on an amount of works one can sustain, for the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace be upon him, his family, and companions) said, “The most beloved of actions to Allah are the most constant, even if little.” [Bukhari and Muslim] [Ibn Abidin, Radd al-Muhtar, from Ibn Amir Haajj’s Halba]

9. It is recommended to start the night vigil with two short rakats, because of the hadith of Abu Hurayra that the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) said, “It you get up for night prayer, start with two short rakats.” [Muslim, Ahmad, Abu Dawud]

from this it can be seen that it is adviced to do the tahajjud later in the night,not early in the night...anyway,to those who cant accept ijma' from ulama'....i cant say anything more to you..to me,these ulama' has studied the literal and figurative meanings of the dalil and hadith and we who are only mere medic student with no sufficient knowledge of hadith,quranic verses,hukums, have no right to make our on decision on such things..yes,Syafie once said if you find a hadith or quranic verses contradicting him, follow the quran and hadith...but how do we interpret the dalil? is what we interpret right? don't you think Syafie or the other imams has not seen the dalil and interpret it before they lay out their opinions? to me,those words from Syafie are directed to those who live a life of studying this field only,who expertise are parallel to them or at least has sufficient knowledge about these...for us who make these things our side interest,(we didnt study this things like we study for our block exams right?) we're just simply not competent enough...its like when somebody who has never been to a medical school but wanted to give out a medical certificate...its just not right isn't it? to give decision on something like this which can affect others, you need to be competent...thats why there's leader and there's follower..thats why God gave His prophet his words,not directly to all of the people...because only competent people can do certain job....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

deeply appreciated

why im here....one thing ive noticed that is ever since im here,there are a lot of changes happening in my home country....well,maybe there were changes even before i came here and the fact that i came away from it make it more obvious...but to me ever since march 08,a lot has happened....they say its an eye opener...to open our eyes,to accept new things,to change ourselves...yeah...i think its quite right...BN lost 5 states,BN lost two third majority....yeah...they say Malaysian is now smarter...
After watching all the scenes in Malaysia and the incidence following after each incident,it became an eye opener to me to...with lots of comment from the people....saying if they cant run the parliament,how the hell they can run a country...an eye opener too...new organization fighting for the rights of their own race emerges....that shows Malaysian are really becoming smarter....no doubt....
50 yrs of independence...some smart malaysian would say 'independence' because no freedom of press...because of ISA....because of oppression towards minority..because of ethnic cleansing...because of corruption...
right now im writing this blog in darkness(literatively) because there is no electricity....60 yrs of independence...10 years ahead of Malaysia,only one race to manage...no cold war between neighbouring countries due to borders claim....mainly one religion...and they could not provide sufficient electricity to their people...they could not curb the corruption of their own police force from the inside... http://www.nowpublic.com/money/how-police-corruption-works-india
Sometimes i wonder how malaysians interpret the meaning of freedom....they say ISA is a Draconian law...and they say we should follow the ever modern Western world...but did they now about Patriot Act? which was used by the 'father' of democracy...u see,there is NO absolute freedom in this world...there will always be rules...and sometimes this rules will be seen as Draconian...take Islam as example...Islam itself claim that is a free religion...but yet, those who are 'murtad' or denounced Islam are sentenced to death...so what is free actually? this is to show there are no absolute freedom because absolute freedom means things will be out of control...to live in peace,we need to live in control..to be in control we need power and the power comes from this so called 'Draconian Law'...
recently there are news about bringing back Chin Peng to Malaysia by Gerakan Penang...
they say we should allowed him back in because he is no longer a threat to Malaysia....sometimes I wonder how more shallow can their mind be....the cause of Chin Peng's exile is not just because of his ideal...but because of his deed,which will hurt those who lived or remember what happened during those communist era...or era Bintang Tiga...i think maybe those from gerakan are educated in a chinese school which doesn't includes sejarah or sastera BM to read the Bukit Kepong novel and i wonder how they still claim they are Malaysian...didnt they know how those army,rangers,police from those era died protecting civilians from the attacks of the communist..simply,did they know what happened at Bukit Kepong on 1950? do they know Yusoff Rono?
enough of it....it makes me sick thinking of their behaviour...u may call me emo,u may call me racist...but this is reality...currently happening.....and justify my article with an open mind..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

an interesting article

this article is taken from blog given from a friend of mine....

Article di bawah ini dinukilkan oleh saudara Mohd Nazrul Abd Nasir (ustaz nazrul) Tahun 3 Usuluddin, Jurusan Tafsir, Universiti Al Azhar As Syarif. Semoga kita peroleh ilmu bermanfaat..


Friday, May 8, 2009

Terima kasih kepada saudara yang bertanya tentang perkara ini. Ini juga di antara perkara yang sering dibincangkan oleh masyarakat sekarang. Pada zaman wujudnya ulama terdahulu, perkara sebegini tidaklah menjadi masalah. Malah para sahabat baginda sallallahu alaihi wasallam yang tidak sampai ilmunya ke tahap ijtihad maka mereka juga mengikut para sahabat yang lain yang sampai ke tahap tersebut tanpa berlaku perbalahan. Tetapi yang menjadi keajaiban bagi kita pada zaman yang penuh dengan kekurangan ilmu pengetahuan walaupun hebat dan canggih dalam teknologi, boleh timbul permasalahan sebegini. Mengapa boleh berlaku sebegini? Jawapannya mudah, kerana sudah tidak yakin dengan para ulama terdahulu dan merasakan diri sudah layak sebaris dengan para ulama mujtahid.Malah dipandang rendah kepada golongan yang bertaqlid kepada sesuatu mazhab.

Sebelum melangkah lebih jauh, sebaiknya kita terangkan apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan taqlid. Taqlid menurut ahli bahasa ialah ikatan yang diikat pada tengkuk. Manakala menurut istilah para ulama Usul Fiqh , terdapat dua maksud padanya:

Pertama: Taqlid ialah beramal dengan pendapat seseorang dengan keadaan pendapat tersebut tidak dibinakan di atas hujah-hujah yang diletakkan oleh syarak. Ini tidaklah dibenarkan oleh syarak untuk mengikutinya.

Kedua: Taqlid ialah beramal dengan pendapat ulama mujtahid tanpa kita mengetahui sumber pengambilan dalilnya secara lengkap dan terperinci. Ini sangat-sangat dituntut oleh syarak malah diwajibkan kepada sesiapa yang tidak mampu untuk mencari semua dalil.

Menurut Syeikh al-Allamah Ali Jumaah hafizahullah di dalam kitabnya البيان : Apa yang kita maksudkan dengan ((tanpa mengetahui sumber pengambilan secara lengkap dan terperinci)) ialah mengetahui cara-cara untuk mengeluarkan (mengistinbatkan) secara jelas hukum-hakam tersebut seperti yang dilakukan oleh mujtahid.

Siapakah mujtahid? Apakah syarat-syarat untuk meletakkan seseorang tersebut sebagai mujtahid? Di antara syarat-syarat mujtahid ialah:

1. Mengetahui secara terperinci hukum-hakam fiqhiyyah sama ada hukum-hakam yang telah diterangkan di dalam kitab-kitab fiqh, mengetahui dalil-dalilnya seperti yang diterangkan di dalam kitab usul fiqh, mengetahui juga tentang khilaf(perbezaan pendapat) yang berlaku di dalam masalah furu’(cabang ilmu) di antara para sahabat atau tabi’en dan mengetahui juga berkenaan dengan pendapat yang dipegang di dalam mazhab.

2. Seorang mujtahid perlu menguasai dan memiliki perkara-perkara yang diperlukan untuk mengeluarkan hukum. Al-Imam Ibn Qawan al-Syafie rahimahullah (889H) menyebutkan di dalam kitabnya التحقيقات في شرح الورقات : Antara perkara yang perlu dikuasai oleh seorang mujtahid ialah ilmu nahu(tatabahasa arab),ilmu bahasa arab(makna bagi sesuatu bahasa) , termasuk ilmu balaghah (bayan, badi’e dan ma’ani). Al-Imam al-Syatibi rahimahullah lebih berat di dalam meletakkan syarat-syarat sebegini.Menurutnya, seseorang mujtahid tersebut perlulah menguasai ilmu nahu seumpama Sibawaih (ulama yang pakar dalam ilmu nahu suatu ketika dahulu) dan mengetahui tentang khilaf ulama seumpama al-Imam Syafie radhiyallahu anhu. Jika kita ingin mengikut pendapat yang disebutkan oleh al-Imam Syatibi rahimahullah maka sudah tentu amat sukar untuk kita temui mujtahid pada masa sekarang.

3. Seorang mujtahid juga perlu menguasai ilmu Rijal(ilmu tentang perawi hadis). Maksudnya mengetahui martabat seorang perawi tersebut sama ada boleh digunakan untuk berhujah atau tidak. Menurut Imam Ibn Qawan rahimahullah, jika seseorang tersebut hanya berpandukan tentang sahih atau tidak sesebuah hadis tersebut berdasarkan apa yang ditetapkan oleh al-Imam Bukhari, Muslim dan lain-lain ulama hadis maka ia juga dikira bertaqlid kepada para imam tersebut. Sedangkan para mujtahid dilarang mengikut pendapat orang lain di dalam masalah ini. Jadi perlulah mereka juga untuk menguasai ilmu ini dengan mengkaji sendiri masalah tersebut.

4. Mestilah seorang mujtahid tersebut menguasai ilmu berkenaan tafsir al-Quran dan ilmu-ilmu berkaitan dengannya. Seperti mengetahui tentang Nasikh dan Mansukh, Mantuq dan Mafhum, Khas dan Am , Mubayyan dan Mujmal, Muqayyad dan Mutlaq. Mereka juga perlu menguasai ilmu asbab nuzul (sebab penurunan ayat) dan asbab wurud (sebab dilafazkan hadis).

Jika kita perhatikan syarat-syarat mujtahid yang diletakkan oleh para ulama, maka tentu kita boleh berfikir dengan waras dan menilai kemampuan diri kita sendiri. Menurut Syeikh al-Allamah Atiyyah Saqr rahimahullah, jika seseorang tersebut mampu untuk mencari dan mengeluarkan dalil dengan sendiri (berdasarkan syarat yang telah diletakkan) maka tidak perlulah baginya untuk mengikut mana-mana mazhab. Malah haram baginya mengikut mazhab yang lain.

Persoalannya, adakah kita telah sampai tahap tersebut? Jika telah sampai seperti yang diperolehi oleh al-Imam Abu Hanifah, Imam Malik, Imam Syafie, Imam Ahmad Bin Hambal , Abu Thaur, Sufyan al-Thauri, Sufyan bin Uyaynah, Daud al-Zhohiri, al-Auza’ie dan lain-lain maka silakan untuk berijtihad. Saya bukan mencabar, cuma mohon untuk menilai kemampuan diri kita. Ini kerana terlalu banyak orang yang mengaku tidak perlu untuk mengikut mazhab hanya kerana mendengar perkataan sebahagian guru-guru mereka yang belajar tanpa manhaj supaya tidak perlu mengikut mazhab dan boleh untuk berijtihad dengan hanya mempelajari kitab Subulussalam.Pelik kan? Tapi inilah hakikatnya sekarang bilamana seorang tersebut merasakan dirinya sudah sampai ke peringkat yang tertinggi.

Syeikh al-Allamah Ali Jumaah hafizahullah ada menyebutkan beberapa tohmahan yang diberikan oleh golongan yang tidak mahu bermazhab.Antaranya ialah:


Dalil yang wajib kita ikuti ialah al-Quran dan Sunnah bukannya pendapat para ulama mazhab.


Apa yang disebutkan oleh golongan sebegini juga sebenarnya sudah menyalahi maksud sebenar dalil. Dalil bukanlah hanya semata-mata al-Quran dan Sunnah.

Ijma’, Qiyas, Istihsan, Uruf, dan lain-lain juga merupakan dalil yang digunakan oleh para ulama. Golongan yang memahami bahawa dalil hanyalah al-Quran dan Sunnah sebenarnya telah menyempitkan kefahaman tentang dalil itu sendiri. Al-Quran dan Sunnah adalah sumber pengambilan hukum yang dilakukan oleh seseorang mujtahid tersebut.

Pendapat para ulama mazhab pula bukanlah menyalahi dan membelakangi al-Quran dan Sunnah itu sendiri, malah pendapat yang dikeluarkan oleh mereka merupakan hasil daripada kefahaman mereka tentang sesuatu ayat dan hadis tersebut. Berpegang dengan pendapat para ulama mazhab bukanlah bermaksud meninggalkan kalam Allah dan RasulNya, bahkan jika kita berpegang dengan pendapat para ulama mazhab maka secara langsung kita telah berpegang dengan al-Quran dan Sunnah. Ini kerana para ulama mazhab lebih mengetahui tentang syarat pengambilan hukum dan sebagainya berbanding kita.(saya cuma mengambil secara ringkas pendapat yang disebutkan oleh Syeikhuna Ali Jumaah hafizahullah. Pendapat yang saya letakkan disini rasanya sudah mencukupi bagi sesiapa yang mencari kebenaran.Jika ingin mengetahui kedudukan mujtahid maka perlulah melihat semula syarat-syarat mujtahid yang telah saya letakkan sebelum ini).


Kami melihat seseorang yang bertaqlid kepada seorang imam tersebut tidak akan meninggalkan mazhabnya walaupun dia menjumpai sebuah hadis yang bersalahan dengan pendapat imam tersebut. Ini seolah-olah mendahului pendapat imam lebih daripada Allah dan RasulNya.


Al-Imam Kairanawi rahimahullah menyebutkan di dalam kitabnya فو ائد في علوم الفقه :

“Pendapat sebegini keluar berdasarkan sangkaan kamu yang salah dan pegangan yang batil(iaitu mengatakan bahawa pendapat imam didahulukan berbanding kalam Allah dan RasulNya).Sedangkan perkara sebenar bukanlah seperti yang kamu fikirkan.”

Bilamana kita melihat berlakunya perbezaan di antara zahir kalam Allah dan RasulNya dengan pendapat Ulama Mazhab , dua perkara pokok yang penting perlu diperhatikan:

Pertama: Kita mengetahui tentang maksud sebenar kalam Allah dan RasulNya.

Kedua: Kita mengetahui bahawa Kalam Allah dan RasulNya bertentang dengan pendapat Imam Mazhab.

Jika kita memerhatikan kedua-dua perkara di atas dengan teliti maka kita menyedari bahawa kedua-dua perkara tersebut tidak terdapat pada seorang Muqallid(orang yang mengikut mazhab dan tidak sampai kepada tahap mujtahid). Ini kerana ilmu sebegini memerlukan kepada pencarian dalil. Muqallid hakikatnya tidak mampu untuk melakukan sedemikian. Jika hakikatnya sedemikian, bagaimana mungkin seorang muqallid tersebut boleh menghukumkan bahawa Imamnya telah menyalahi hukumyang diletakkan Allah dan RasulNya?.

Hasil perbincangan ini ialah:

“Seorang muqallid tersebut tidak meninggalkan pendapat imamnya yang bersalahan dengan zahir Hadis dan sebagainya bukanlah kerana dia (muqallid) mengatakan bahawa pendapat Imam tersebut lebih benar daripada Kalam Allah dan RasulNya(tiada seorang ulama pun mengatakan sedemikian) bahkan hanyalah kerana dia sendiri tidak pasti adakah benar-benar Imam tersebut menyalahi Allah dan RasulNya( mustahil seorang Imam tersebut mengeluarkan sesuatu hukum dengan hawa nafsunya, melainkan setelah kajian terperinci dan syarat seorang mujtahid tersebut telah dipenuhi olehnya, barulah seorang Imam tersebut mengeluarkan pendapatnya).”


Mengikut pendapat para ulama mazhab sendiri sebenarnya telah menyalahi apa yang ditunjukkan oleh mereka(Imam-imam mazhab).Mereka sendiri melarang mengikut pendapat mereka.Lebih-lebih lagi jika pendapat mereka bersalahan dengan hadis sahih.Jelas di sebut oleh para ulama Mazhab: إذا صح الحديث فهو مذهبي maksudnya: (Jika sah sesebuah hadis tersebut maka itulah mazhabku)


Kata Syeikhuna Ali Jumaah hafizahullah:

Dakwaan yang mengatakan bahawa para ulama mazhab melarang untuk mengikut mazhab adalah satu dakwaan yang ternyata salah dan sesat. Tiada seorang ulama mazhab pun mengatakan sedemikian. Kalau mereka benar-benar mengatakan demikian, maka mengikut kepada pendapat Para Imam (supaya tidak bertaqlid dengan mereka) juga hakikatnya adalah taqlid itu sendiri( dalam keadaan tidak sedar).

Kamu mengatakan tidak boleh mengikut pendapat Imam Mazhab,tiba-tiba kamu mengikut juga salah satu pendapat mereka (iaitu supaya tidak bertaqlid-seperti yang kamu katakan) maka hakikatnya kamu juga bertaqlid.Bagaimana boleh dilarang taqlid sedangkan kamu sendiri bertaqlid dalam keadaan kamu tidak sedar?

Ini jelas berlaku pertentangan di dalam pendapat kamu sendiri.(Sekejap mengatakan tidak boleh taqlid kemudian dalam masa yang sama kamu juga bertaqlid dengan pendapat Imam tersebut).
Kalaulah benar sekalipun dakwaan tersebut, maka sebenarnya larangan tersebut ditujukan kepada orang-orang yang telah sampai kepada peringkat ahli di dalam ijtihad(memenuhi syarat yang saya sebutkan sebelum ini).

Berkenaan adakah boleh berpindah-pindah mazhab akan saya jawab pada keluaran akan datang. Diharap bersabar menantikan jawapannya.


1. البيان لما يشغل الأذهان oleh Syeikhuna Ali Jumaah Hafizahullah

2. التحقيقات في شرح الورقات oleh Al-Imam Hussain bin Ahmad al-Kailani al-Syafie al-Makki (Ibn Qawan ) Rahimahullah. Cetakan Darul Nafa’is.


Friday, May 15, 2009

13 may 1969

It's been two days passed since the infamously black date of Malaysia, 13 may...for those who doesn't know what happen,look up the internet and make sure the source u get it from are reliable and unbiased..anyway, im not going to write about what happened, what past is past...no matter how hard i curse the past will still be there...im going to write about the things that stir up the incident...race..yes....race has long been a problem everywhere in the world,not just Malaysia...even in the so called modern western world, apartheid are still going on...blacks are still blacks..white are still white..you may not see them as how we see it in Malaysia as those people there know too well that sometimes somethings are better kept for their own knowledge(unlike malaysian who likes to tell everyone about how bad our country is)....anyway, what im going to point out here is the social contract upholded by BN of course and cursed by the BA,mostly DAP...why?
we need to see back to where Malaysia starts...about the independence of the Federation of Malaya...and we need to see a bit before that, about the nationality of immigrants from china and india brought by the British to work in Malaya...initially, those immigrants from india and china does not get the nationality when they came and work in Malaya...but when the British announced Malayan Union,which was claimed as a new type of colonization where they were to give mass nationality to these immigrants,the Malay fought back..they fought hard that the British had to abandon their plan...its just logic how we will fight if someone else are to give our land to someone else...at last the British decided to give the Malays a chance and this is where it all started...where the idea of an independent Malaya came up.. alliance(UMNO,MIC and MCA) went to England to discuss with HM Queen elizabeth, and they seal the deal...the independent of Malaya...and from there,those in the alliance agrees that nationality will be given to those immigrants and their children and children of their children after that in exchange of the special rights of the Malay remain untouched...and guess what, they AGREE.........
but now.......we have certain people, whom DISAGREE with the agreement made 50 yrs ago...i guess logically,if we were to terminate the agreement, meaning it must be terminated on both sides, meaning that if the special rights of Malay are to be abolished,so is their birth right to nationality,must be abolished too...
thats just my 2 cents,taking from my logic side....everyone has their say in this 'democratic' world...and this is mine..

Friday, May 8, 2009

power and leader

Just now we had our weekly tazkirah where the IYA president came in today to give tazkirah...more like to say something to us where he thinks it is not fit for us to do..that is vote for a non muslim to be our class rep..he gave the dalil for which he said this is not an extremist view but rather the command from Allah Himself....

The Noble Qur'an: An-Nisa 4:144
O you who believe! Take not for 'Auliya' (protectors or helpers or friends) disbelievers instead of believers. Do you wish to offer Allah a manifest proof against yourselves?

this ayat was selected for the dalil..but it occurs to me how he had chosen Auliyah to be translated as leader..as far as it is concerns,Auliyah is taken as friends,protectors,helpers,supporters...not to be mistaken as the friends we all had..this is more like the type of friend where we look for moral support,guidance and protection so it does not always be translated to friends..maybe it could be taken into account when we are selecting our mentor instead...or when selecting guardian when in incidence where your parents passed away or unavailable for some reasons...it is more like a caretaker rather than a leader...this is my opinion on several searches i've done..none return the result as leader..

this definition is further strenghten by this dalil

The Noble Qur'an: At-Taubah 9:71
The believers, men and women, are Auliyâ' (helpers, supporters, friends, protectors) of one another, they enjoin (on the people) Al-Ma'rûf (i.e. Islâmic Monotheism and all that Islâm orders one to do), and forbid (people) from Al-Munkar (i.e. polytheism and disbelief of all kinds, and all that Islâm has forbidden); they perform As-Salât (Iqâmat-as-Salât) and give the Zakât, and obey Allâh and His Messenger. Allâh will have His Mercy on them. Surely Allâh is All-Mighty, All-Wise.

where it says all men and women(which in this case Muslims) are auliya' of one another...meaning we are friends to each other,protecting each other...or am i wrong? correct me if im wrong..i can't see it as we are leader to each other..doesn't make sense..

coming back to the President's point...he said when taking a non muslim as leader(which i still cant see the relevance when comparing with my current definiton),it is wrong and against the command of Allah...since he translated the dalil using auliyah as leader...but when it occurs to me that auliyah may not be referred to leader,it may be that he is wrong in interpreting the dalil...but i may be wrong too...

as far as what i've learn before,it is compulsory for us to choose a muslim leader for our Ummah..ok...ummah=nation or ummah wahida=one community of muslims..meaning the whole muslim community...if i interpreted this correctly,it is compulsory for us to choose a Muslim leader for a muslim community or muslim nation...a Muslim nation here maybe comprises of a non muslim individuals where like in the Constituition of Medina,they are accepted as part of the nation..part of the ummah...now a leader,i think this means the prime leader or in our case the Prime Minister or President or Sultan or King...

For selecting a minority leader,or member of the community as your representitive,i still think it is legit for a non muslim to be one as long as the leader above him(the supreme leader) is a Muslim...

that's all i guess based on the searches i've done...anyway,on my own opinion,eventhough the prime leader has to be a Muslim,i still think it is relevant for small leader or component of the government or community to be a non muslim....i prefer a hard working non muslim as my YB rather than an alcoholic womanizer muslim...anyway,as for Auliyah as protector,i think it is fit to say that in Malaysia,YDPA is our auliyah...our protecter(army leader),caretaker of the country..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


why? because Chelsea didn't make it through the Champions League final due to blind ref....2 hand balls...2 obvious tackles in penalty box....and the ref wave it away...red card for Abidal for what? because Anelka slips on his own...because ref like you teams striving a lot to win especially those in Chelsea where most of them are nearing the age of retirement for a football player cannot make their dream come true....This is him..thank you very much for crushing Chelsea's dream Tom Henning Ovrebo

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

double standard

Tomorrow Elizabeth Wong is scheduled to continue her work as assemblymen and exco..just because she's in the opposition,she's allowed to continue working as the people's rep eventhough what she did has no much diferent with what Chua Soi Lek did...Just because Chua Soi Lek is the goverment, he cannot do such thing...is it right?
Does Eli's religion allowed her to do adultery?
sometimes im sick of this things,these people.....people who can do what they want because they say its the right thing but other people cannot do the same thing because it is only ok for them to do it,but not other people...who are they? and i don't want crappy answer like Nazri gave before,"im a minister,he's a goverment servant...who is he?"
see,im not a pro goverment nor i am a pro opposition...but i hate hyprocrites.....
shadow cabinet? still can't move on with the fact that U R NOT THE PM? if he really is interested in helping the rakyat,he can do so even without being a PM...power is not everything...Martin Luther King Jr fought for the civic rights of African American without being the president of US...

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” -Lao Tzu

Sunday, April 5, 2009

life's like this

well....sometimes when we are too concentrated on complicated things,we tend to forget the simplest things,which maybe the answer for all the things we search for....
for instance like med students like me,most of my mates are too concerned about their studies that sometimes they tend to forget the essence of medicine itself,cleanliness and responsibility...or some who pursue the truth in living,studying the divine meaning of life in search of a stronger faith in their respective religions may forget one thing,the present...yes,we need to see our future,the after life,but what about the current life? should we just live it through like that? it is as important as our after life.....
sometimes im quite offended by those who tend to be too ignorant of their responsibilities as human themselves,they tend to rely on others on small things that should be done by themselves..why? maybe they are too lazy or too pampered by their parents that they tend to do the same to their friends..but sorry mate,im not your parents...
when you live in a community,u must act like a community....in a community,everyone plays a role,be it a policeman,the magistrate,the doctor,the lawyer and whatsoever....and so is in a smaller community like a house...if u play no role,u are a burden..like a benign tumour..gives nothing but takes the blood supply and sometimes go bigger...
sometimes it just need a civic realisation to understand what is your role in your community,or even in a group..there is no need of telling....especially when you are already 21 years old and doing the field of medicine...simple things need simple understanding unless you are stupid enough not to see what to do when the need arises...for example,after you eat,you clean your dishes....now am i being clear? or if somebody already cook,at least help them clean the dishes since you only eat and doesn't do the cooking(or doesn't even bother to help with the cooking)....or is it too difficult to understand? if the rubbish is full,throw it,don't let it smells like sh*t and rot till someone else do it...to make it simple,if its your mess,you clean it...no matter who you are,that's how it goes in a community...

anyway,the post mortem on Kugan's death is out today...and it is clear he died due to acute myocardititis, which results in acute pulmonary edema which cause the presence of liquid in his lung...and the injuries on his back which pictures are taken by the politicians and his parents are due to blunt and flexible object such as a hose which i understand is used in the process of interrogation...now,what will those who celebrate Kugan the thief as a hero will do? what about those politican who claimed this is an act of ethnic cleansing? and his parents who asked for justice...can the wrongdoings of his son be judged on them instead since they really wanted justice? and about those who like to bash the police?

sometimes the truth isn't so dramatic like it may seems....the truth may not be goverment having secret conspiracies to take over the life of all Indian ethnicity in Malaysia or the truth may not be the police is so powerful that they control the hospital to cover up any of their wrong doings..and the truth may not be that those politicians who burst into the mortuary to take the pictures of the body which may cause discrepencies in using Kugan body as prove since it is contaminated is the hero of the Indian community in Malaysia...

the truth maybe just that Kugan is a luxury car theft...the police is just doing their job...and having acute mycardiotitis,he died incidently during police custody....nothing dramatic..maybe Malaysians are just too bored with their life that they started to see things in a more dramatic way to spice up their life....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

one is not enough,two is not enough...when will it be enough?

Last Friday was historic for Malaysia when Datuk Seri Najib take the oath as the sixth PM..im not a big fan of Najib so there's not much to say here...the thing is, i'm quite disgusted by the way the BA tries to carry on this stupid crossover thing....the Friday night after Najib was appointed the sixth PM,DSAI hyped about a special announcement to be made during PKR campaign that night and guess what its all about? yes....the same old stories,"BN party members joined PKR".....ok so what to be hyped about some people with no strong faith and own opinion to crossover into your party? As a commander you should know, if that person is able to betray his old leader,he will betray u too...its almost a year passed since the big win by BA and big lose by BN...and this coming 3 elections are for god sake are just by election...this power struggle are getting more ridiculous day by day....it started with the 16th Sept 08..then go on...and on...and the Perak drama....and on and on...and the Elizabeth Wong stories....and on and on.....and about the Elizabeth Wong stories....honestly on my opinion,she should accept and face the problem,not by running away,do it like Chua Soi Lek did...there's no reason for you to run away...what u did is what u did...no matter what religion u are,adultery is adultery...no matter u are married or not...this is no different case with Chua Soi Lek...either u are a Buddhist,Christian,Muslim,Hindus..i believe all religion are against adultery...and there are no place for atheist in Malaysia...so u have no exception...
It's been too long for this stupid power struggle to last...why don't they all just work together to face this economic letdown instead of buying or pulling members of opposite party to their own...
p/s: BA is being more like BN nowadays is it not?

Friday, March 27, 2009

when your concern doesn't concerns me

it's true when they say language shows what is us...how u talk,is how u project ur attitude towards other people...and i think its true to the extend that the language u use shows who u are...for instance,malay speaks malay...chinese speaks chinese,indian speaks indian...indonesian speaks indonesian...oh wait..why no malaysian? because they are no Malaysia...only chinese,indian and malay...i respect Tun Dr M's idea of having a Malaysian only....but well,all the races in Malaysia seems not in the same boat with him....when education is still separated, language is still a barrier there'll be slim chances of having a united one race only country...im not trying to be a racist here,but with all the non malays asking to have the same rights as the malay,i think that will be done only when we has the same chances of working in a computer shop where the ads doesn't say chinese are preferred or the ads are in mandarin all the way...
anyway,the topic of the day,or may i say what pisses me off today...is how the race thingy still a thick thing among us...just about an hour or two just now,my class had this voting for whether my batch are going to extend the holiday for this year's hari Raya or not...well,for a clearer picture,both my class reps are chinese...nvm that,i don't mind having a black,white,orange,green,yellow or anything to be at the helm as long as they do their work and care for the people under them..anyway,my class reps went to the Dean and ask him for the extension and the dean gave us 3 options,or so they said...

1) 1 week extension(its 4 days only actually)
2) 2 days extension
3) no extension

well..before we could cast our votes,the female class rep reads out all the advantages and disadvantages of our extension...and being a neutral,or so she said,she happily announce all the things which may be the consequences of our extension...if we take the 4 days extension, we are required to have classes on Saturday,our study break for unis will be cut down,our end of second year vacation will be cutdown and the Saturday class may last for a month or two......and for the 2 days extension,we might need Saturday class for 2 weeks....OK.......

do the math..easy math first...
2 days extension=Saturday class for 2 weeks
4 days extension=cut down study break for unis,cut down end of second year vacation,Saturday
class till a month or two....

is it coherent???
and i thought 2x2=4......not 4 weeks Saturday class?

ok,maybe a month or two Saturday classes to make up for the PBL,SDL and lab times...but cut down our holiday and the study break? i think its full of B***S***......
u see,3rd block is 10 weeks....4th block is 6 weeks...its 16 weeks...its 4 month...its 16 Saturday....do we need more then 16 days to cover back the 4 days we missed????????

hmm...anyway,the result is 29 for 1 week,53 for 2 days and 48 for no extension...130 students voted..138 students total for my batch...

77 malays
61 non malays

82 vote for holiday
48 for no holiday
8 dont vote including the class reps who are supposedly neutral

maybe there are people out there who cares and vote for our cause...but the way the reps and some of them react towards the cause irks me....

i think the results speaks for itself isn't it....if its not my holiday,why should i care?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

there and back again....

seems like its just yesterday i arrived at the KLIA and today im going back to KLIA to depart to India....so sad...how time flies when we have fun...even though my times in Malaysia are filled with late nite movies on laptop,waking up late in the evening and munching on lot of food, it is stil very much enjoyable..heh...studying some place far for home make me realise how sweet my home really is :) (sorry if it sounds cheesey) anyway,thank god this time i can come back to Manipal knowing i won't be facing a cadaver anymore..yay! haha..not that im afraid of the cadaver or anything..its just plain that im not good at anatomy and i don't know why...its just like my brain are not made for the subject...pure textbook eating if i may call it...the other subjects were not that tough..they were but,relatively..anyway,around Saturday morning or afternoon i will be arriving back at Manipal... :( one year and a half to go before i can leave India for good..heh..not that i hate India..but i just don't like India...haha! till then....Goodbye Malaysia...see you on August,that if i am coming back..eheh...will miss you...and,hello second year in Manipal..huhu ^.^

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


What is Fair Usage Policy...as layman would understand it is something that cause the internet speed to be throttled or capped..and why is that?

this is taken from the streamyx website...

TM is committed to ensuring our customers receive the best broadband service at the most competitive price. To achieve this goal, we provide a contended broadband service. This means our Internet bandwidth (capacity) is catered to be shared by all our customers at any one point in time, to ensure we provide a satisfactory and acceptable performance on an equal basis to all our customers.

However, a small number of customers use more than their "fair share" of the Internet bandwidth provided by us. On average, about 10% of our customers are using a disproportionate amount of Internet bandwidth. These customers degrade the performance of our broadband service by taking bandwidth away from other customers, who use the service fairly.

For example, some customers use P2P or file sharing software, which constantly sends and receives videos and other types of very large files, throughout the day. These activities (download and upload continuously) use a lot of bandwidth and can significantly reduce the connection speed, which other customers are getting to access the Internet during peak hours. We don’t believe this is fair to the vast majority of our customers.

We wish to bring to your attention our traffic prioritization policy with regards to P2P and Fair Usage Policy. We would like to reiterate that the P2P throughput is subject to peers (seed) availability and their throughput as well. Kindly note that TM does not have any control over peers’ availability or throughput.

The Fair Usage Policy automatically identifies the extremely heavy users and manages their bandwidth in order to protect the service of all our other customers. This traffic prioritization policy will protect the quality of service for the majority of our customers when they use the service, while at the same time, still allowing the extremely heavy users to continue to send and receive files with certain restrictions. With this policy in place, we will prioritize Internet activities like web browsing, live streaming, messaging applications and VOIP access while traffic to P2P sites will be given lower priority, due to the high bandwidth consumption of such services.

We wish to also highlight that as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), TM only provides access to the Internet and does not guarantee content delivery and performance where it is not within the domain of TM as an ISP. In fact, our international traffic management policy is designed to cater for all our customers so they have an optimal surfing experience within the normal limits of Internet usage.

As our priority is for all our customers to have a positive Internet experience, we wish to emphasize that it is important for all our customers to practice responsible usage of the allocated bandwidth based on normal usage.

We would like to reiterate that we are not against the use of P2P but we would like to educate our customers that the usage of excessive P2P does impact the overall service availability to our other customers.

TM does provide every customer with an allocated bandwidth, where other customers may use when not used by the others. Unfortunately, the nature of P2P more often than not, takes more than their allocated bandwidth, thus causing undue setbacks for other users when they want to use the service.

As a responsible service provider, we believe it is our responsibility and commitment to educate and encourage responsible usage of the infrastructure we provide.

Read it? well,thats Tmnut fair usage policy..see the bolded word...acceptable performance and yet they didn't state what is the speed of the performance that is acceptable...and to whom it is acceptable? to them or to us? if it is to us, not enough data is provided for the customer to judge whether it is acceptable or not..so is the whole thing acceptable???

The policy allows Tm to identify heavy users and MANAGES their bandwidth..ok,what does manages really means here? how would they manage our bandwidth? capped our speed to 512 or 256 or 56k??? even if we paid for 1mbps UNLIMITED subscription? is it fair?

and Tm says those heavy internet users are still allowed under certain restrictions...what is those restrictions? why don't they state the restrictions? based on my experience,there are no certain restrictions...it is a COMPLETE restrictions...proved by the speed of my torrent application where under 1mbps connection im supposed to get a 100kbps++ speed but while using TM im able to get as fast as 0.01kbps.....fast isn't it?

practice responsible usage of bandwidth....when we applied for streamyx,we applied for 1mbps bandwidth connection right? and which part is irresponsible when we are trying to maximise our usage of the bandwidth that we has paid for? and who is really should be responsible here? Tm should be responsible by providing us the bandwidth we applied for which is 1mbps WITHOUT any restriction...the package states UNLIMITED usage...so why now they limit????? or is it that all this while Tm doesn't provide us the bandwidth we paid for? we share the bandwidth we other people who also paid the same amount for 1mbps bandwidth? are Tm robbing us in broad daylight??

"we are not against the use of P2P but we would like to educate our customers that the usage of excessive P2P does impact the overall service availability to our other customers"- how do you educate? by blocking p2p access to the net? in that way,u are blocking the freedom of users..and this means the unlimited plan u provide are limited actually and u r cheating the customers...

"TM does provide every customer with an allocated bandwidth, where other customers may use when not used by the others"- if they does provide us with an allocated bandwidth,meaning every customers have their own bandwidth to use..so how come another user using p2p might 'steal' another user's bandwidth when he has his own allocated bandwidth? and our allocated bandwidth is 1mbps..so when my torrent speed is 100kbps how it is stealing from my neighbours bandwidth when im safely downloading withing the 1mbps rate...and when my bandwidth is not used,other customer may use it...is Tm being generous by giving consumer more bandwidth for free.....or,the allocated bandwidth is not what we applied for and they need to take from other consumer's bandwidth when they are not using for us to achieve our supposedly 1mbps bandwidth?

"As a responsible service provider, we believe it is our responsibility and commitment to educate and encourage responsible usage of the infrastructure we provide."-as a responsible servce provider,it is ur responsiblity to provide service that ur consumers paid for and not give excuse when u cannot give the amount of service required...as a responsible provider,u cannot cheat on ur customer by not giving them the bandwidth they applied for..as consumer,we will use the service as how we applied for it the first time which is 1mbps and unlimited so we expect 1mbps bandwidth with no limitation when we without fail pay u every month the amount of money u required...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

tol naik?

lately this has been the hot issue of the week..government is considering to increase the toll for 5 major highway in order to follow the contract they made with the highway concession...(though finally they decided to postpone the increase to an unknown date and announced that for the time being they are using they tax payers money to pay)...is there any difference if we pay the concession by toll increment or via tax payers money which is our money too? that's not the problem here..the problem here is,what is the concession between the G and the highways contractors that almost every one or two year,we need to pay more for the toll which they said the money is used for maintenance....seriously,to me,if the, money were REALLY to be used for maintenance,then its nothing wrong for me..we are using the facility,so we need to pay for it right? well...this not seems to be the case here..

last night after i went back from sending my sis to LCCT,it rains heavily...i drove through the downpour via the KESAS highway...right before i reach the RM2.20 toll,there was a roadblock..i thought it was the police...but nope,the roadblock was due to flood...yes flood! in the middle of the highway right before the toll outpost...how ironic isn't it? right after the flood,we were to pay rm2.20 each car for the maintenance of the road..so much for maintenance...i admit the downpour was heavy last night but,just FYI during a raining season in Manipal, rain would pour down non stop for about a week or two and yet, there were no flood to be seen...yes,the rain goes on and on for straight 1-2 weeks...last night,the rain was about an hour or two before it started to flood in the middle of the highway...yes,an hour or two..not a week or two..see the difference? eventhough Manipal doesn't have fancy highway with even fancier toll outpost to acompany it, they has better drainage facilities that prevent flood even during the raining season and they has no toll to acompany the road.......

so much for our highway concensus and the G.......

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Just after few days in Malaysia,it now seems to me the political scene in Malaysia is more shitty than it is on paper....seriously,i think the situation now is quite bad...dh la ekonomi tgh teruk...politik pn teruk....for this few years it seems Malaysia's development is on a stagnant stage....what have we done so far?? i mean,compare it with the times of Tun Dr M...nowadays it seems the politicians are more interested in keeping themselves in power rather then development,which is the true purpose of them being in the parliament...everyday when we see the live broadcast of parliament in tv,it disgust me to see them hurling words and fighting with each other over stupid issues which obviously doesn't relate to the people..what are we paying them for? why we pay tax? to see them quarrel in the tv and let them drive merz around town with Datuk or Tan Sri title on front of them??? the real purpose for them to be in the parliament is to discuss the well being of people,not to quarrel over differences in party or personal life..today,there's one entry that really attracts me in The Star newspaper...there's a letter from someone urging those in power to stop playing low life dirty politic to gain or stay in power and urge them to focus on development instead..i totally agree with that view..those politician should stop the quarreling and start doing their job...the toll goes up by this Sunday..why don't they debate about that instead of quarreling about bullet sent to Karpal...let the police do their job and in the mean time the politicians should do their job too..the letter also state directly to the PKR and BN to call for truce...haha..quite funny to me..but i think it is right..they should quit on taking over each others place to gain power..PKR should stop about the 916 thing...stop thinking of taking over the federal...the BN should stop all stupid things they are doing..stop taking over other states...call for truce and work for the people like you are supposed to do...if the people like you,they will vote for you in the next general election so right now JUST DO YOUR WORK goddamnit....we need developments....while the MPs are quarelling over nude photo and bullet in the parliament,streamyx are getting sucker and sucker each day...so why don't they do their work and put up another ISP or at least urge streamyx to invest more in bandwitdh...

to streamyx: stop robbing your customer...we are paying for a service so give the service we paid for..if you provide UNLIMITED service,don't throttle the p2p...don't use fair policy as your cover...if you don't have enough bandwidth,INCREASE them goddamnit...whats the use we pay u every month...for ur ceo to buy merc? use the money to increase ur bandwidth...if ur to0 shitty stingy to spend more money for ur customer,then stop taking in more customer because it will eat up more bandwidth u moron! haih...i wonder where those streamyx engineer graduate from....haih.....Airtel services are better then streamyx...haih~~~~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


just when i was happily thinking about going home,a story from a friend of mine stirred up my feelings....India,never fails to dissappoint me..my friend went to BSNL to pay his internet bill and he gave the cashier 1000rp for the bill mounted at 843rp..he is supposed to get back change of 157rp...but the cashier(this does consists of almost all cashier in India) doesn't have the correct amount of change gave my friend 60rp and said,"give me 3rp and i'll give u 100rp"....is this the correct way to serve your customer? ask them for a change,not you going to search for it? so,the dispute went on as my friend doesn't have the correct change too(this is understandable since normal people doesn't always carry correct change at all time)..so this rude cashier snatched the receipt from my friend,gave him a 100rp note and said"u go search for 3rp then i give u back ur receipt"...is that the way it should be?threatening a customer? no wonder India is like how it is...then my friend being in a hurry wanted to see the viva list let go of the dispute..he said,"nevermind,just keep the change"....as my friend was about to leave,the cashier replied sarcastically,"if like that easy right?"...........now you tell me,is that a cashier working for a monthly income or a beggar scraping for bits of leftovers? and this reminds me of how it used to happen to me when i order food here...usually my order will never sum up to a round figure,so of course,a balance is required for instance if my food was 65rp,i gave 100rp,i need 35rp back....how i wish it was that easy...but sometimes,those delivery boy will said that they have no change and offer me a chocolate instead for the 5rp....now you tell me,if im short on 5rp the next time i ordered from him can he accept chocolate from me as payment? if he can then im gladly will accept the chocolate......hahah...

10rp = rm 0.73

now its not the value of money we consider here...but the morality,service and social relationship...if they keep acting like a beggar,we treat them like beggar...so why angry when people look down upon u? haih~ india india india...incredible india..yeah right


yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~! oo0o yeahh.....hahah..just finished my first year medical examination...and hopefully i will move through second year this coming end of march....relieved after one year of study..but hey,the result is not out yet and anything could happen.. *sigh* anyway,i did my paper well(i think) and hopefully my practical all goes well....im planning to repay my sleep debt this holiday..haha! i went sleepless like two weeks due to the exams...my mind right now is too overwhelmed with the thought of finishing the exam so i can't find anything decent to write or diss..haha...so i'll just be going..till then~ bye bye manipal..see you in one month time

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Perak Drama

These few days we've shown a confusing poltical drama occuring in Perak..All the big guns of Malaysia political scene are directing their attention to the state where BN is trying to take over the state government..this occur due to the return of Bota assemblyman back to UMNO and 3 PKR assemblyman quitting the party and become independance and announced their support for BN to be the ruling party of the state of Perak...but of course,the PKR government won't give up that easily..a lot of things they've said and done to prevent this from happening...they claim that the move organized by UMNO is unethical and is a violation of democracy in Malaysia as to them MP are voted based on their party.....PKR suporters claim UMNO playing cheap tricks to buy the assemblyman in order to rule Perak...

deja vu isn't it?

when DSAI announced the 16th Sept 08,the crossovers of MP...non of PKR supporters and component party claim democracy,claim violation of constitution..they even support him..is what he did the right thing? no doubt what UMNO did now(if it is what they did because Najib didn't claim anything about making PKR people cross over to BN) is not the right thing but why condemn people not the actions? when Anwar plan on buying MPs,its the right thing..no problem asked...if UMNO did the same thing its a no-no, a sin,an immoral conduct,violation of constitution..bla bla bla...
im not supporting UMNO here nor putting down PKR,im just feeling sick of the supporters which claim they support Anwar because what he did was right and for the rakyat...actually they blindly support him for his popularist concept of approach...no doubt he may did some great things during his time in the government..and some bad things too..but hey,don't be obssessed with a person..if what he did was wrong,its wrong..no person can make a wrong thing right just because he/she did it...if it is wrong,whoever did it is wrong...if this is how Anwar controlling the PKR,what makes you think it would be different with the current BN...much different? i don't think so...so to all extreme supporters of the political party in Malaysia,please don't be to extremist...be rational....don't blindly support something until you are blinded from reality..what wrong is wrong and what right is right...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

helmet and serban....

A student of an Islamic school in Malaysia, Ahmad Nasir Darus was found guilty riding a motorcycle while wearing a serban...
The student was fined RM90 but he refuse to pay the fine,and went to jail instead..for the reason of defending the sunnah...
A lot of other religions has a same style of having a head dress to cover their head...be it Sikh,Islam,Hindu,Jews...Yes,even Jews....
If it is a religous practice why he was fine?
If Islam was a perfect religion, why could be such rules to wear this serban when it may be dangerous to someone when riding a motorcycle....
Well,don't blame Islam...Blame the student...Clearly he doesn't understand Islam....

Narrated Anas bin Malik: In the year of the conquest of Mecca the Prophet entered Mecca, wearing a helmet on his head. (al-Bukhari, Book no. 72, Hadith no. 699)

Sunnah is like a tradition or lifestyle of the prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) which us,his ummah should follow as he is our idol and prophet...and Muhammad(p.b.u.h) a prophet he is know the danger of not wearing a helmet under certain situation.....

Narrated Sahl: When the helmet of the Prophet was smashed on his head and blood covered his face and one of his front teeth got broken, 'Ali brought the water in his shield and Fatima the Prophet's daughter) washed him. But when she saw that the bleeding increased more by the water, she took a mat, burnt it, and placed the ashes on the wound of the Prophet and so the blood stopped oozing out. (al-Bukhari, Book no. 52, Hadith no. 152)

The bolded sentence above(for non muslim readers) are hadith or oral traditions of the great prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h) which are important as a guidance of our way of life...now it is clearly shown how the prophet clearly asks us to to wear helmet in a certain situation demanding it....

the quote i hated the most,"ajal tu kt tangan Tuhan..kalau nk mati tu mati jugak x kire la mcm mane sekalipun"....
if it is like that,why look right and left before you cross the road? death is inevitable so why don't you just let life takes you all the way?
it is because survival is men basic instinct..all being,human and animal has the basic knowledge of survival..even God wants us to strive to survive..self suicide is a big sin in most religion...its true death is inevitable,but only after u tried so hard to survive....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


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stupidest of all stupid creature(fuck my english)

sorry for the f word above and the upcoming cursings....just want to state that TEMPE IS ONE MOTHERFUCKING STUPID BASTARDS.....why?
they drive by looking on their left or right...yes! not in front...they look onto the left and right and talk with the person next to them....if there's no one next to them,they talk by themselves because they are crazy stupid motherfucking bastard...when they crash on someone when driving while looking with their motherfucking ears,they will blame that someone..
"this is mainroad no"
"before u go into mainroad u shud see no"

yeah right mister...i can see all that i want but if u decide to drive with ur ears,u will bang me no matter what...if u don't know how to drive,don't drive....don't blame others when u bang someone while driving with ur ears..ears are for hearing god damn it....not for looking...stupid bastard....

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Litoria nasuta, the Australian rocket frog can leap up to 2 metres....astonishing...maybe the scientist haven't heard of Malaysian politic frogs....can leap between parties....Bota assemblymen who recently crossed to PKR,and the latest one is news about two PKR assemblymen is going to crossover to BN...hm..what say the big people? i guess it's alright for the BN because that's what they did before to DAP assemblymen,buy them....ask Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan...how DSAI during his reign in UMNO nicely architect the defects on several MP in Sabah to win over the government....i think it's alright for PAS too...as Datuk Mustafa Ali said,it's morally right for BN MP to crossover but a sin for those from PR to cross...but what say the people?

im just a one person view..estimated value of one vote only...since majority is democracy,so my view means nothing except that im leaving in my own world where 1 is a majority...u can say bullshit about how a vote can make the difference..ever heard of anyone winning elections with one vote majority?

maybe i would have effect if this one vote can influence another one vote..and together,two votes can make a difference...not yet...we need more..and more....we need to influence..and how do we influence? we can lie...or we can lie..why lie? because we can never please everyone's desire..so to win over everyone,we need to pretend we can fulfill what they want....

who is assemblymen? person voted by people of an area to represent them....

first of all,why is he voted? for his party?for himself? or for the people...if it is for the people,why the party make a lot of fuss when the representetive changes party? or is the party has its own agenda to fulfill that it requires the MP...if that is the reason,then the forming of a politcal party is to pursue an agenda favourable to the party only...then who works for the people? so is the party agenda coherent with the people's agenda? if it is coherent then i can see no problem in hopping party because even if the assemblymen is in another party,he will still work for the people because the people's agenda is the same with the other party...or is the other party has a different agenda...and is it coherent with the people's? if it is not,then the other party has its own agenda which is not for the people..and why hope to another party? is it because the assemblymen no longer work for the people? then why become assemblymen?

ok,im starting to be confuse here....who's agenda is we working on anyway...the people's or the party?

people's agenda =party'agenda
party's agenda=party2's agenda(we assume party2's working for the people)
assemblymen's agenda remain the same
so nothing has change basically....

but what if the party's agenda is different...

party's agenda =/= party2's agenda
MP switch to party 2 because of its agenda...so there will be two possibilities....

1. MP's agenda = people's agenda = party2's agenda (therefore the switching)
2. MP's agenda = people's agenda =/= party's agenda (therefore the switching)

but intially the MP is voted under the first party agenda so we will assume.....
people's agenda=party's agenda

so which one has the same agenda as the people's?
if both has a different agenda then who has the agenda for the people?
if both party claim their agenda is for the people,then it will be like this....

party's agenda = people's agenda
party2's agenda = people's agenda
party's agenda = party2's agenda

so why political party?

am i right? hahahaha..the mathematical equation solves it all...

if only life is as simple as mathematical equation....

Friday, January 30, 2009

Holocaust Survivors

You can judge and compare the picture by your own..nothing much to write..the images speak their meaning..the black and white picture are taken during the Nazi occupation and ethnic cleansing of Jews...the coloured picture is what the survivors are doing now....

i wonder...if the Americans are really into helping the Jews to have a land to call their own,why not give the Jews a state in the US....since they are so keen on helping the Jews...don't take other people's land and give it to them claiming you wanted to help them....somehow i feel i can understand why Adolf Hitler did the holocaust....although what he did was wrong,but i guess sometimes you need to do something wrongly in order for other people to see what is right...

Michael Faraday..you are remembered

Last night was the worst blackout i had yet since my time in India...ouh,before that,if you guys never been to India,the electric supply here sucks...it SUCKS big time.....there will be power shortage almost everyday..usually when there's power shortage,my house will be powered by a small inverter which is actually a wet cell similar to car battery and wired to the main switch..i don't know anything technical about that stuff and how it really works in detail so don't flame me if any info given is not coherent with the real fact...
anyway,back to my story.....the blackout last night lasted around 6 hours...from 2 a.m till 8 a.m....the first one hour or two,the inverter works by giving enough energy to spin the ceiling fan in my room,although it spins with a little weird sound as if it is forced to work...and after that....the light started to flicker....my housemates started to gather in the living room(to save energy by only using one light source and one fan) but eventually the inverter dies off...actually the inverter could last much more longer than that but due to frequent blackouts occuring now and then,the inverter doesn't get the chance to recharge and so we are left in total darkness and in a heated environment...plus the mosquitoes....
so what do we do? we.....decided to sleep outside...heheh....not on the lawn of course..my house has a rooftop..so we decided to camp outside for a night on the rooftop under the moonlight(no moon sighted last night)....sounds romantic? hahah...
anyway,i lasted out there for about....1 hour? haha...then the chilling wind and mosquito forces me to move back into the darkness and hotness of the house...and i end up not getting enough sleep for the night...
anyway,who's Michael Faraday? hahaha..the one person that made the electric motor....

camping out...heheh...looks like those homeless in India... ;p

trying to sleep but end up being a meal to the mosquitoes....

the inverter with the lorry battery..haha

thanks Faraday for this...jasamu dikenang!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


yeah....police....what would Malaysian said?


yeah...how shallow the mind could be....people of Malaysia obviously don't know how to appreciate things....
IPCMC...thats how they repay those hard working people in the force...not a pay rise,not a bonus,not an assurance to take care of their family if they ever died during duty..no...no single extra cent for them to feed their family..just more work with people watching and complaining about what and how they did it....
if they ever did something right did they get the name? did they get the praise?
show me any event the police got so much praise that the media cover it all over the front page...and find me event on the newspaper about police misconduct...i can bet u would find almost hundres to thousands of article....
u see,these is human..show them a white paper with a black dot in the middle and ask them what they see....the will answer a black dot in the middle....try it.....human sees what's wrong,they don't see the goodness untill the thing is gone....not all of people but i see that this is a majority in Malaysian mentality...


thats how they describe the force protecting their family every night allowing them to sleep soundly...that is how they describe the fallen police officer shot by an Indonesian robber...even more,they want a commission to observe the police like a hawk watching its prey....ready to snatch everytime they made a mistake...why not make a commission for those politic people? i think they make more mistake than anyone...
im not trying to say the Malaysian Royal Police is perfect here...but im saying they are merely doing their job...let they do your job...don't call them dogs....these 'dogs' are the one protecting you without you realising it....corrupt?
u want to know corrupt you come here to india....you will know corrupt...till then don't be a fool and talk big to everyone about how you know the Malaysian Police is corrupted.....corruption occurs everywhere....either judiciary,executive or legislative compartment of the system...if they want IPCMC,then do it to the other component as well..you want to be fair,then be really fair...
i'm sick of people saying"polis malaysia tu anjing la...polis malaysia byk makan rasuah..polis malaysia anjing politik...polis malaysia x buat kerja".......
please be grateful for once...and open your mind...open it real wide.....~