Tuesday, February 3, 2009

stupidest of all stupid creature(fuck my english)

sorry for the f word above and the upcoming cursings....just want to state that TEMPE IS ONE MOTHERFUCKING STUPID BASTARDS.....why?
they drive by looking on their left or right...yes! not in front...they look onto the left and right and talk with the person next to them....if there's no one next to them,they talk by themselves because they are crazy stupid motherfucking bastard...when they crash on someone when driving while looking with their motherfucking ears,they will blame that someone..
"this is mainroad no"
"before u go into mainroad u shud see no"

yeah right mister...i can see all that i want but if u decide to drive with ur ears,u will bang me no matter what...if u don't know how to drive,don't drive....don't blame others when u bang someone while driving with ur ears..ears are for hearing god damn it....not for looking...stupid bastard....