Tuesday, February 17, 2009


just when i was happily thinking about going home,a story from a friend of mine stirred up my feelings....India,never fails to dissappoint me..my friend went to BSNL to pay his internet bill and he gave the cashier 1000rp for the bill mounted at 843rp..he is supposed to get back change of 157rp...but the cashier(this does consists of almost all cashier in India) doesn't have the correct amount of change gave my friend 60rp and said,"give me 3rp and i'll give u 100rp"....is this the correct way to serve your customer? ask them for a change,not you going to search for it? so,the dispute went on as my friend doesn't have the correct change too(this is understandable since normal people doesn't always carry correct change at all time)..so this rude cashier snatched the receipt from my friend,gave him a 100rp note and said"u go search for 3rp then i give u back ur receipt"...is that the way it should be?threatening a customer? no wonder India is like how it is...then my friend being in a hurry wanted to see the viva list let go of the dispute..he said,"nevermind,just keep the change"....as my friend was about to leave,the cashier replied sarcastically,"if like that easy right?"...........now you tell me,is that a cashier working for a monthly income or a beggar scraping for bits of leftovers? and this reminds me of how it used to happen to me when i order food here...usually my order will never sum up to a round figure,so of course,a balance is required for instance if my food was 65rp,i gave 100rp,i need 35rp back....how i wish it was that easy...but sometimes,those delivery boy will said that they have no change and offer me a chocolate instead for the 5rp....now you tell me,if im short on 5rp the next time i ordered from him can he accept chocolate from me as payment? if he can then im gladly will accept the chocolate......hahah...

10rp = rm 0.73

now its not the value of money we consider here...but the morality,service and social relationship...if they keep acting like a beggar,we treat them like beggar...so why angry when people look down upon u? haih~ india india india...incredible india..yeah right

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