Thursday, February 26, 2009


Just after few days in Malaysia,it now seems to me the political scene in Malaysia is more shitty than it is on paper....seriously,i think the situation now is quite bad...dh la ekonomi tgh teruk...politik pn teruk....for this few years it seems Malaysia's development is on a stagnant stage....what have we done so far?? i mean,compare it with the times of Tun Dr M...nowadays it seems the politicians are more interested in keeping themselves in power rather then development,which is the true purpose of them being in the parliament...everyday when we see the live broadcast of parliament in tv,it disgust me to see them hurling words and fighting with each other over stupid issues which obviously doesn't relate to the people..what are we paying them for? why we pay tax? to see them quarrel in the tv and let them drive merz around town with Datuk or Tan Sri title on front of them??? the real purpose for them to be in the parliament is to discuss the well being of people,not to quarrel over differences in party or personal,there's one entry that really attracts me in The Star newspaper...there's a letter from someone urging those in power to stop playing low life dirty politic to gain or stay in power and urge them to focus on development instead..i totally agree with that view..those politician should stop the quarreling and start doing their job...the toll goes up by this Sunday..why don't they debate about that instead of quarreling about bullet sent to Karpal...let the police do their job and in the mean time the politicians should do their job too..the letter also state directly to the PKR and BN to call for truce...haha..quite funny to me..but i think it is right..they should quit on taking over each others place to gain power..PKR should stop about the 916 thing...stop thinking of taking over the federal...the BN should stop all stupid things they are doing..stop taking over other for truce and work for the people like you are supposed to do...if the people like you,they will vote for you in the next general election so right now JUST DO YOUR WORK goddamnit....we need developments....while the MPs are quarelling over nude photo and bullet in the parliament,streamyx are getting sucker and sucker each why don't they do their work and put up another ISP or at least urge streamyx to invest more in bandwitdh...

to streamyx: stop robbing your customer...we are paying for a service so give the service we paid for..if you provide UNLIMITED service,don't throttle the p2p...don't use fair policy as your cover...if you don't have enough bandwidth,INCREASE them goddamnit...whats the use we pay u every month...for ur ceo to buy merc? use the money to increase ur bandwidth...if ur to0 shitty stingy to spend more money for ur customer,then stop taking in more customer because it will eat up more bandwidth u moron! haih...i wonder where those streamyx engineer graduate from....haih.....Airtel services are better then streamyx...haih~~~~

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