Saturday, July 4, 2009

justifying war..

Whenever we took picture,people will always say 'peace'....we want doubt...there's no one in the world where they preferred war above peace...everybody wants to go to the market without having to think of possibilities of being bombed by suicide bombers or being in a place for hijacked plane to crash or being at a place targeted by a cruise missile or by biological weapon...we want peace...everybody want peace....and yet,we've seen numerous wars on earth...may it be civil war,cold war or world war....why war?

survival of the fittest...does it fits human or is it just the rule of the jungle?
human act as we are due to the presence of what they say a more evolved brain...the frontal lobe of human brain are said to be more developed than any other species on earth...which contributes to our capability of being diplomatic....but still, war continues...

what if i say, war is essential in the continuity of the homo sapiens species....we need war to continue to exist...yes its true war eradicates how can i say it is essential in the continuity of the human race?

this whole writing are just a piece of my mind...nothing related to a real statements elsewhere so need not to be taken heavily...
we all know the infamous e=mc^2 by Albert Eintein....and we all the know the basic rule of energy..the conservation of energy which states that energy cannot be created nor can only be change to another form...and from that we can conclude that the amount of energy required to first create this world is equal to the sum of energy we have now..we humans,are energy itself in a different form...we are energy in chemical form...let say with the amount of healthcare advances we have today, the human population will surely reach more than 6707 million(which is the current world population).....the amount of energy is not infinite,its limited...with increase amount of human,there will be lessenergy for everyone...because the intial sum will be divided to every each human....with more and more human emerging due to increase birth rate and health care services, human with less and less energy are formed...or may i say smaller and smaller humans are formed...we always read about legends or history of great warrior or prophets..about how big or tall or strong they may be due to during their time of reign, there are less human population and therefore less division of energy...and by luck or fate,that person acquire a vast amount of energy for himself and thus come the great warrior of that time...just my theory..haha..anyway,i think thats why,God created war...everything in this world,has its purpose....including war...there's no bad or good thing...everything is for a reason...and nothing exists if doesnt serve any purpose...war is to balance the convert human body to another form so another human may continue to the saying goes,for an empire to rise,another must fall...but the problem is to justify a war....which person to eliminate,which empire,which race,which civilisation....and i guess the holy quran already point out a race chosen to be eradicated...why that race is chosen? when we looked back into history,several incidence has occured upon that race..may it be nature wise or human wise...nature itself has tried to eliminate that particular himself also tried to eliminate that particular race but to no avail...why? maybe because that race is fated to survive till the end of time...the race is there to keep the balance of nature and the balance of human population...

if e=mc^2....then e/c^2=m......can we create mass from energy? can we creat something from 'nothing'? can we play god?

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