Thursday, March 19, 2009

there and back again....

seems like its just yesterday i arrived at the KLIA and today im going back to KLIA to depart to time flies when we have fun...even though my times in Malaysia are filled with late nite movies on laptop,waking up late in the evening and munching on lot of food, it is stil very much enjoyable..heh...studying some place far for home make me realise how sweet my home really is :) (sorry if it sounds cheesey) anyway,thank god this time i can come back to Manipal knowing i won't be facing a cadaver anymore..yay! haha..not that im afraid of the cadaver or anything..its just plain that im not good at anatomy and i don't know why...its just like my brain are not made for the subject...pure textbook eating if i may call it...the other subjects were not that tough..they were but,relatively..anyway,around Saturday morning or afternoon i will be arriving back at Manipal... :( one year and a half to go before i can leave India for good..heh..not that i hate India..but i just don't like India...haha! till then....Goodbye Malaysia...see you on August,that if i am coming back..eheh...will miss you...and,hello second year in Manipal..huhu ^.^

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