Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I never intended to make this blog as my public diary for anyone to see but seems this one is a bit complicated and the chances of people that would be reading this blog is like....very i guess i have no where to spill it besides here.....usually i wud have my friends to tell anything about,or specifically a friend...anything that bothers me or anything that amuses me....but somehow this time, i found something that i havent encountered for a very long time....its annoying but then its amusing...haha...and whats more annoying is i cant tell my friend about this..and why i cant tell my friend about this wonderful thing is because i know for sure,that the moment i told my friend,nothing would be the same...yes,it cud be better but yet,it cud be worse....and that friend of mine, means so much to me that i cant risk it....and i have to keep it to myself,which is something im not very good at although i know those who can keep his own secret,have full control over himself....and dats why this is so complicated.

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