Friday, January 30, 2009

Holocaust Survivors

You can judge and compare the picture by your own..nothing much to write..the images speak their meaning..the black and white picture are taken during the Nazi occupation and ethnic cleansing of Jews...the coloured picture is what the survivors are doing now....

i wonder...if the Americans are really into helping the Jews to have a land to call their own,why not give the Jews a state in the US....since they are so keen on helping the Jews...don't take other people's land and give it to them claiming you wanted to help them....somehow i feel i can understand why Adolf Hitler did the holocaust....although what he did was wrong,but i guess sometimes you need to do something wrongly in order for other people to see what is right...


  1. good pictures,
    was thinking, why should we blame the americans treating the muslims badly.Why is it that we always look only from one perspective and forget to see it from another perspective.hurm.instead of blaming the west of their ought-to-be treatment, it is wiser if we see the problems facing muslims nowadays.Where do we stand in terms of iman and islam?far or close to the teaching of al-quran and sunnah?A simple example would be the concept of "couple" which is a common practice among young muslims in malaysia, or maybe the dozens of entertainment shows showed in Malaysia television.Where is the aurat and limitation in boy-girl relationship?.Hurm.well..i think first and foremost, muslims should first look upon ourselves before starting to point fingers at other people.Lets start with practising the right teaching of islam shall we?

  2. is the americans treating muslim badly got anything to do with young couples in Malaysia? no doubt you are right about how we should see ourself and not blame others for our own mistake but the way i see it we can only blame ourself right now for not being on the aggresive stand protecting our brothers in Gaza...Turkey Prime Minister showed his stand by walking out from the world economic meeting,right in front of the Israel Prime Minister...he showed his stand in front of everyone,no need for big talks,action speaks louder...sometimes drastic action needs to be taken against demanding sitaution..while we took 5-10 minutes to ponder or snoop upon young couples in Malaysia in all the taman tasik,thousands of muslim in Gaza died of chemical weapons...Aqidah of Malaysian got nothing to do with Zionism which existed even before Malaysian know the meaning of couple..

  3. hurm..actually aqidah among muslims does have to do with the solution of this problem. It plays a big role,mind you. I encourage you to read about history.Maybe read something about 'Hamas,the unwritten chapters'. Ever wonder why we won badr?ever wonder how salahuddin got back jerusalem? or how the arabs lost the six day war?and how ikhwanul muslimeen nearly won against israel(nearly won because of the act of jamal abdl naseer)? will see that all the wars that are won by muslims are because of the strong faith or aqidah acquired.
    A question that came into my mind when reading ur reply on ''the way i see it we can only blame ourself right now for not being on the aggresive stand protecting our brothers in Gaza'' was that if we act offensively, i'm confident we cant win anything. We are not prepared(as a nation or as an individual) , muslims are weak and most of the muslim countries are either in crisis or is an ally to the west.If we enggage ourself to war, we would just be humilating ourself as we have been doing for decades .
    Saidina Umar once said that 4 TRUE muslims represent 1000 non-believers. But what kind of muslim are we talking about? a muslim with broken aqidah??huurm..maybe not.So,like it or not, aqidah still plays a vital role in solving with the crises.

  4. that is why Muslims never engage in war...they were never ready..or better yet,they never think they are ready...when will u think the muslims be ready? when will u think the Aqidah of muslims are perfected? when? the questions of perfecting one self is an absolute reason why muslims nowadays afraid to react..."we are not strong,we are weak,we still needs improvement"...but yet they are muslims out there with faith alone strong enough to defend Gaza eventhough the odds are against them...the odds will never be with us if we keep on waiting on perfecting ourselves...sometimes,we need to react needlessly of how ready we are or we will never react at not against u about perfecting the Aqidah of muslims,but im against you on how Gaza is attacked got anything to do with Malaysian teenagers...Zionism exists long before that as i stated...they will act no matter how strong or not our Aqidah is...if it is strong,they weaken it...thats why they move...unlike us Muslims,we wait to perfect ourselves...that's why we never move....

  5. i guess you are missing the important point here. the aqidah of the teenagers in Malaysia is just an example.The point is the aqidah of the muslims generally,but since we are malaysians,that why i took malaysian teenagers as an example.Yet you are taking it as a main point.Its ok =)
    oh,let me answer your question:

    1)when will the muslim be ready?
    when we have enough quality people who are willing to sacrifice their life for the sake of islam.Quality?means that the only thing that is in their head is Islam.Now, i dont see anyone,not even myself is strong enough to do that.why?maybe my faith to the promise of god is not strong enough.what promise?the promise that Allah will help the people who fight on his cause.

    2)When do you think the aqidah of muslims are perfected?
    Well, perfect here is a subjective word.Esp when we are talking about faith.hurm,its going to be perfected when we have ONLY Al-Quran and Sunnah as our guide.Time frame?as long as it takes.well,if you are wondering, the jews took 80 odd years to establish Israel with a proper plan and agendas',therefore its not that things are going to change overnight.

    if you remember hadis khabab:
    ‘When I went to see the Prophet I found him stretched out on a coat in the shade of the Ka`bah. I asked him: You, Allah’s Messenger, you do not pray for us, you do not implore Allah to grant us victory? He sat up, with a red face, and said: ‘before you, life was terrible. In previous times people used to suffer so much. Now things have improved so much that a traveler is able to ride from San`aa to Hadhramaut without having to fear anyone but Allah and the Wolf for his sheep. But you people, you want everything at once.’

    Rasulullah said that we lack the patience.That is whats happening now.

    I agree with you that we should move.But in what sense?blatantly pickup our weapons and kill these people.And i agree that strong faith is aint enough to solve the problem.its a big step forward,but, with the weak faith we have now, its not going anywhere either.Wait,why do you think the british parliment said that in order to take over the minds of the muslim, we must take away their guidance(while holding the quran)(search william gladstone).hurm,i guess the non-believers have already notice the importance of the quran.we however are still in our own world.

    Problems created by smart people needs to be dealt smartly.example- the Taliban in afghanistan act almost instataneously when the Russian invaded their country,yes they did manage to get rid of the Russians,but with the help of Americans, and what happen after that?their country was in a chaotic situation.they became the exporter of poppies and drugs..and basically they were not free,they were controlled by the americans,even before americans invaded afghanistan.(please read history books for facts).

    ok,let me explain how faith,(mind you its not aqidah,but faith,aqidah is just one part of faith) can help:

    1) With proper faith and tarbiyyah,muslims reason to live is only for the sake of Allah.Tarbiyyah-education towards islam,not like we have in Malaysia,but something that instill them with the teaching.

    2)Then,when the faith is strong,people would have the courage to stand against the enemies. How?as i stated, when they have faith in the promise of Allah, people would do anything.They would care nothing except syahid.Impossible?not really, u see, i've met these people.

    3)Say if they are captured, then they would still survive because they know their fight is for Allah.(ok,i am sort of repeating myself here).then they would remember the sentence from the Al-quran

    "ataukah kamu mengira bahawa kamu akan masuk syurga,padahal belom datang kepadamu cobaan seperti yang dialami orang orang terdahulu.Mereka ditimpa kemelaratan,penderitaandan diguncang(dengan pelbagai cobaan)sehingga rasul dan orang orang yang beriman berkata "Kapankah pertolongan Allah?"ingatlah pertolongan itu dekat"-al baqarah,214

    ok,i agree..i'm not explaining it properly.But, i do suggest you go and read the books written by Hamas,or ikhwanul muslimeen and see how they do it.

    Okay.i would like to ask then,what is your way then??cant wait to read it.And please anser,how do you expect Allah is going to help is if we keep breaking the laws of islam?and please give examples base of facts.Thank you.Nice to meet you.

    p/s-yup the term "couple" just exist a few years ago,but, before that they used different term,but with the same meaning,hence ur argument about the "couple existed way after the zionist" is invalid.remember,its just an example.the point is that we are away from the teaching of islam.

    "Not trying to find whose right or wrong,but to give opinions and fact"
    May Allah bless us for the things we are doing


  6. "Okay.i would like to ask then,what is your way then??cant wait to read it.And please anser,how do you expect Allah is going to help is if we keep breaking the laws of islam?and please give examples base of facts.Thank you.Nice to meet you."

    we will keep breaking the law of Islam because none of us except the prophet whom is infallible..Allah Maha not saying we could do sins here but to stress out that we need to have that whatever it is Allah will help us..
    Zionism existed before Malaysians knew couple...ok,so u said that thing existed even before that...fine..but my point is that to blame our Aqidah on the invasion is just out of context...i think it is more proper to use faith..and i think u have interpreted my reply reacting i didnt mean blatantly going to expecting actions from OIC..whats the use of the I if not for these cause...and I disagree the fact that u prefer on concentrating on building our Aqidah first rather than solving the matter at hand...its like studying the cause of burns while ur house is on fire...ever heard the joke of a Malaysian on a sinking boat? when the boat is about to sink,they decide to hold a meeting first...

    not to flame u or anything,but its just logic that actions need to be taken during situations like this...u ask me what im planning to do? its like ur saying i cant do anything except do what u said...yes,u r quite right since im not holding a high post nor am i influential enough to do big things but what im stressing over my comments above is that if the big people up there were going to do fundings or project or an operation,the main priority would be stopping the Israel or the US and...not build more Islamic school in Malaysia..

    i think that would be all from me and i hope u understand what i meant..thanx for ur comment though..