Wednesday, January 28, 2009


just so happen something,or few things ticks me off..and its about this beautiful country called India.....sometimes i wonder,if India could be centre of education(Manipal University has a lot of foreign student) of course somehow it's citizen would at least be smarter (or at least a little bit) then Malaysians whose obsession now is hoping here and there rather than doing their job(read the news and you would understand)....let me just show you how much a smart-ass is an Indian citizen that im proud of studying here...

see how smart they do their work....

just think,how would the person living inside the god damn house go out with their god damn vehicle when the ONLY path going out is blocked by a trench around 1 metre deep?
and yes,it is MY house god damn it!
i need to go to revision class(for my exam),i need to eat!
can't they think,at least rationally? and build a temporary least by a piece of plank...what the f*** really pissed wonder their country even with technological advancement are far superior then Malaysia,have a lower lifestyle....they have the technology but just don't know how to apply it!
another thing that really piss me off about is India is its public service...can you just imagine their police have holiday on Sunday..yes holiday....
they have lunch time till 3.30pm and can leave their post without anyone watching their shift system....and all database are recorded,hand written in an old book with the paper turning yellow...yes book! not!
so much for their technological advancement...
and their cable tv, signal..when the sky is blue and the bird is chirping happily,when it is so fucking hot in a middle of a football rain no storm no nothing!
i can blabber and curse all day long about things i hate about this country but what can i do...i just need to bare with it for at least a year and a half more..aih~
just when i read the news about how people in Malaysia complain about our public service back there...i hope they have the chance to live here for a month or two....maybe that would open their minds...yeah,i know they might say"you can't compare our country with country like that..we need to see a developed country"..but what use of that if Malaysians mentality are still stucked at the third world level...we can talk all day about how we need to change our public service,government policy and everything so that it is on par with the developed first world country but would it suit our mentality? our ah beng mentality on the road..or mat rempit mentality...our hoping party mentality...our racist mentality(malay supremacy la..ethnic cleansing la....) aih~
anyway..enough cursing and empty talk for today..till the next thing that pisses me off...~


  1. if president india jumpe nih,mau masuk isa ko fazid *as if they have one la* :P

  2. hahah! balai polis die pn xde org jage inikn nk buat ISA...hehe