Friday, May 15, 2009

13 may 1969

It's been two days passed since the infamously black date of Malaysia, 13 may...for those who doesn't know what happen,look up the internet and make sure the source u get it from are reliable and unbiased..anyway, im not going to write about what happened, what past is matter how hard i curse the past will still be going to write about the things that stir up the incident...race..yes....race has long been a problem everywhere in the world,not just Malaysia...even in the so called modern western world, apartheid are still going on...blacks are still blacks..white are still may not see them as how we see it in Malaysia as those people there know too well that sometimes somethings are better kept for their own knowledge(unlike malaysian who likes to tell everyone about how bad our country is)....anyway, what im going to point out here is the social contract upholded by BN of course and cursed by the BA,mostly DAP...why?
we need to see back to where Malaysia starts...about the independence of the Federation of Malaya...and we need to see a bit before that, about the nationality of immigrants from china and india brought by the British to work in Malaya...initially, those immigrants from india and china does not get the nationality when they came and work in Malaya...but when the British announced Malayan Union,which was claimed as a new type of colonization where they were to give mass nationality to these immigrants,the Malay fought back..they fought hard that the British had to abandon their plan...its just logic how we will fight if someone else are to give our land to someone last the British decided to give the Malays a chance and this is where it all started...where the idea of an independent Malaya came up.. alliance(UMNO,MIC and MCA) went to England to discuss with HM Queen elizabeth, and they seal the deal...the independent of Malaya...and from there,those in the alliance agrees that nationality will be given to those immigrants and their children and children of their children after that in exchange of the special rights of the Malay remain untouched...and guess what, they AGREE.........
but now.......we have certain people, whom DISAGREE with the agreement made 50 yrs ago...i guess logically,if we were to terminate the agreement, meaning it must be terminated on both sides, meaning that if the special rights of Malay are to be abolished,so is their birth right to nationality,must be abolished too...
thats just my 2 cents,taking from my logic side....everyone has their say in this 'democratic' world...and this is mine..

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