Thursday, April 29, 2010


What the eyes dont see, the mind doesnt know....
Real sacrifice is when u do it,no one really knows about it...the unsung heroes....
Sadly,most people especially Malaysians are too blind too recognised the unsung them,what they dont know is not true and not good...they rarely appreciate whats in front of them unless that thing is already gone....
i want to share a story of a man...he is raised by a businessman father and a mother who used to be a local any other boys,he IS naughty..but as he grows up,he started to have the feelings of responsibility towards his younger sister...many times he picked up a fight with other boys who tried to disturb his sisters...when he started secondary school,he followed in his father footsteps in his father's business,making ice cream cone...he worked hard as he thought that would be what he'll be doing later on in his life.....he tried saving some money from his father business but later his father found out about it and took the money away....his father,although a good businessman,a strict father who raised his child with discipline,is an addict gambler...he took the money the man saved for the future of the business for his usual activites...and one unfortunate day, he lost it all....lost everything on a gambling table...the man,dissappointed with what happened,quit working with his father and join the police...he started from the lowest rank,joining the force since the year 1970s....he doesnt have any certificate or diploma with him when he joined...just secondary school....during his time at the force,his wife persuaded him in taking classes in order to get some paper and move higher in the ranks....the wife sacrficed her time to be the only one who raised their 3 children while the man went on to classes after work has finished.....if there is no class,then its work 24/7....after getting his diploma, he continued taking degree....the wife continued taking care of the three child....after promoted to the rank of asp,he is transferred away from his birthplace,a place where none of his siblings have lived before....he have to leave behind his old mother and bring his young family with him...his workload and night,working here and there,risking his life at times to provide food on the table for his wife and children...he rarely sees his own children.....but to him,it is the main objectives for him to provide first before being there for them...the wife will take care of the rest....after few years, he continued his study in a master degree and is further promoted....but life never really changed....he is still busy....weekdays and weekend are all the same for his children...there're rarely family night out like all their friends family...the children grew up....went to universities far away from the homeland....and only that when the children are already far away,he is promoted to a higher rank and is less busy but he still left his wife 2-3 days a week alone in the house for work...sometimes outstationed to foreign countries up to a year...
this story is a typical story about a policeman life.....the man is my dad,and i really look up to him...every night when he goes to work, i would always hope i can see him again the next morning....thats how i feel...everytime i read the newspaper, looking at the criminals and how prudent they can be now,i just hope my dad would retire and work something else...but he wont...."i still love the force",he always said to me...not the salary,not the medal...his salary are just enough to bring up me and my 2 elder sisters..he's been there around 40 yrs now...moving here and there every 5-6 years...from kuching-klang-gombak-shah alam-bukit aman-phillipine-bukit aman-cheras...and some other places i dun know where he went to years before i was born..i can only look at the pictures of one would write a book about it because no one would read it....unless he died in some kind of an incident...but whats the use of it? appreciation of something when it is not there...thats typical msian dad used to told me stories about his work....breaking in to the al-Maunah hq in klang armed with only MP5 with no bullet proof chase with a trailer and some shot being fired....i wonder if in one of the stories, he got killed...will msian come to me as they come t0 Aminul Rashid's family??
no im not asking for stupid asking for conscience,and appreciation....while they are still there and msians have the consience of how much the police sacrificed their life so that we can sleep soundly at nite? NO....big fat fucking them, everything the police did is matter how,no matter what....God knows how much i despise this kind of people...yes,i take this emotionally because i grew up as one of the policeman child...when people doesnt appreciate what ur father did and instead tell bad things about them rationally u WILL be pissed off...and i am...
there's always two side on a sliced cake.....there's always two side of story from an incident...
yes,takziah buat keluarga arwah Aminul Rashid but also byk bersabar to the family of the policeman...ur husbands are doing their job...hopefully when the report and inquiries are done, no more political craps or fanatics deny the report(yes this is typically msians...they never accept a report if it is not favourable to applies to elections too....)


  1. salam..
    fazid.. just look around.. and i found this post really touched..
    u take care ok..
    Allah bless you and ur family =)

  2. everyone have a different story to tell. :)

  3. true...but not all story are heard...and not all story are true