Monday, November 15, 2010

this is malaysia

Guy A : My dad wants to buy a new car
Guy B : What car? U already have a car. I cant accept this!
Guy A : ......and why is that?
Guy B : because ur father is living in Malaysia. He earns money by having a job here. Means
that his money is taxpayers money! Its my money!
Guy A : er....u pay tax?
Guy B : I dun but my parents does! So basically its my parents money!!!! U shall not buy a
new car or else i'll protest in front of ur house!!
Guy A : ....i'll buy it anyway (walks away)
Guy B : @$E#%$#%$#% (goes home and put some shitty ass status on fb)


  1. ko nak cakap ape sebenarnya ni. tak paham. is it about malaysian's attitude?

  2. yep..malaysian always claim everything is theirs..sume goverment spending is based on tax money so rightfully its theirs...but many fail to understand the concept of economics,buying power and no student of economics but at least i understand the concept...besides,think logically,if u pay tax, let say 2% of ur income(assuming ur paying tax),how much does it make in a multi billion goverment project?
    0.002%? so how much does ur vote counts really?
    but still msian always like to assume dat they have the right to say something or more like against whats the goverment is planning...for example doing a protest?

  3. this post is basically a sarcastic view of what i explain..if u understand what i mean