Monday, November 29, 2010

Just something that popped in my mind..

General election is coming soon.....seeing all the by-elections trend, somehow we can predict the outcome of this coming general election...
Anyway, i read somewhere that some of the people in Malaysia wanted to make the age limit of putting out a vote is 18 years old...currently it is 21 years old...maybe some parties thought that by giving power to the younger ones, they might actually win an election...might be true, for one semester only..when they grow up(if they grow up) they will know the lies and games of politicians..i remember the war cry used by the Americans to change their age limit to 18, "if ur old enough to die for ur country, ur old enough to vote for ur leader"
its catchy, nice and somehow patriotic....but i like to put it this way,"if ur old enough to pay ur own taxes, ur old enough to vote who will spend the money" :D
i prefer dat the age limit of voting is set when an individual starts paying taxes...means they actually do something productive in the country rather than live as a parasite..just my idea though..a hell lot of people will be against it for sure...because a lot of people do nothing but want a hand in the vote...
hmm...i always wonder, what democracy really is...and after living for 22 years on this earth, i realised that its something like this....its about majority...the majority will choose a leader, and the leader will serve the majority....thats democracy...but doesnt sound fair is it? what about the minority?
nowadays its kinda a hot issue in my place about the minority being oppressed..and if ur reading up till now u'll know what 'minority' i meant here...well, considering we're leaving in a democratic country, i guess they just have to live with it? haha! sounds bad is it...but that's the ugly truth...painful aite? the majority chooses the leader to help the majority...the leader cant please everyone, especially the minority..why? because if he does, next election he wont get the majority votes...
ive thought of somehow a way to decrease this discrepency in democracy...why dun a vote is considered in percentage rather than a single count...and that percentage is based on the amount of tax the said voters paid...means that, the higher the amount of tax one pays, the higher his vote percentage, means his vote alone maybe count up to 4-5 me its fairer than this old school single count vote..since the minority here always claim that they are the one who brings modernisation in Malaysia, means that they are the ones who are in the higher socioeconomic groups..which means they pay more tax...or is it? haha! anyway, this system might be better than what we are using more racial slur...its all about productivity...if u provide more for the country, the more power u have in choosing ur leader...those who dun do anything, well...just sit tight and see what the future holds for u.. :p i hope some politicians will read this and take this idea into sick of hearing minorities saying they are oppressed eventhough they are commited in the upbringing of the country..this system will show it all...who does and who doesnt..
hmm...talking about oppressed minorities, i wonder who is the richest man in malaysia right now...i wonder whether all of the things these minorities said about being oppressed by the majorities are true, or is it that they are being oppressed by their own kind...hmmmmm

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