Monday, February 14, 2011

give and take? or racism

It's been awhile since I blabber something in here. Since I'm sleepy but yet can't find the right position and be asleep, might as well i put some thoughts in this place. Few months ago there's an uprising of 'anti-racism' movement going on in my batch, or more like anti bumiputera status. People started posting anti-racism status, videos of racism in Malaysia, and even more after the Interlok issue, these things keep on coming like hot banana fritters. Everyone seemed to be the expert or at least a victim of the 'racism'. Posting status and videos which shouted,"im a victim of racism! please pity on me" is becoming the trend.
However, my mind keeps on thinking again and again trying to recall back what i learn from History subject during my SPM years. The social contract and all are now slowly forgotten and started to be put aside in the name of 'unity' or oneness. I dont blame them for trying to fight for their 'right'. The governing race of Malaysia should be put to blame. I know helping your own race is a good thing but helping them TOO much when sometimes they don't deserve to be helped is another matter. In the 1960s when Harimau Malaya was feared by neighbouring countries, we had all sort of race playing in the team. Malay,Chinese,Indian,Singh,Iban...u name it..they were all represented. But now? I remember watching the triumph of Harimau Malaya against Garuda team late 2010. The victory which our country sought after for so long, a victory of which they say finally football has come back here, won by a team formed 95% by Malay and coached by an Indian. Why is that? Where have the others gone? Shouldn't we learn from history that united we are strong? When in the 1960s, we WERE strong. But trying to hold on to the 'Malay Supremacy' just pure stupid. But I also believe that it is not just the fault of the governing race. The politician of the other races should be blame as well. Playing on the racism cards for the sake of power, didn't we learn anything from 13 May?
About the bumiputera status, for what its worth, i stil strongly believe it should be there as long as the other races are allowed to keep their own school and languages. And i believe that IF the other races still want equality, so be it. Let there be ONE language, ONE school. No more sitting with chinese or indian and felt left out because they are talking in their own world. WE can be like Indonesia then, where every race is the same. But the question is, would the other races agree to abolish all those Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan and usage of their mother tongue from any official occasions? No more Tamil news, no more Chinese news, just Malaysian news in BAHASA MALAYSIA? hows that sound? to me that is the only fair justification if the bumiputera status to be abolished, because by doing so all the other races will focus more on MALAYSIA instead of coming back to their root. but somehow i feel malaysians are not ready for this. Give and take? naah...

Heck....that's just one person opinion anyway. Won't count much...